Top 20 Best Selling Padded Shorts Inline & Roller Skating Footwear (2020)

Designed with the help of derby girls specifically for the bumps and bruises of Roller Derby. ... more info

Astek Baggy fit bike shorts look and feel good on the the bike and as well at the restaurant. ... more info

Designed with the help of derby skaters specifically for the bumps and bruises of Roller Derby. The light and flexible fit however makes them perfect for not just for derby though as these bumsavers have seen the steepest of vert & iciest of slopes. ... more info

Size: XXS----Suitable for 6 years-old XXXS----Suitable for 3 years-old Size Waist CM inch XXXS 1尺3--1尺8 46--60 17.94-23.4 XXS 1尺6- 2尺 53-67 20.67-26.13 ... more info

The Ultra Shockskin 5-Pad Extended Thigh Impact Short is great for any athlete who is bound to take a hit every now and then. With the 5-Pad extended thigh protection, you're sure to always have the support you expect from Shock Doctor. ... more info

The Demon women's Flex Force Pro snowboard shorts offer compression and protection with Lycra® spandex, removable Air Shield foam, and a heavy-duty tail bone pad. ... more info

Crash Pads 2700 roller derby padded shorts take the extra protection of the Crash Pads 2500 and redesigns the shorts with a lower waist, higher cut, and an increased focus on the areas Derby Girls are most concerned with: the tailbone and outside hips. ... more info

The Seirus Super Padded Protective Shorts provide super protection for your butt, tail-bone and hips. They are made mostly of 4-way stretch Lycra which unlike a tailored garment fits snuggly all over. The padding provides protection for the bum, tail bone ... more info

Vigilante men's tech padded shorts were designed for maximum protection, mobility, and comfort. ... more info

These lycra shorts have padding sewn in to each hip and tailbone area to help prevent injuries. Padding is compact and the shorts can be worn as shorts, under pants, or under tights. If you wish to wear these under tan tights, then the beige will blend be ... more info

If you're a pro, or just act like it, the Skeletools impact shorts are for you. With padding in all the necessary places and plastic layer protection on the thighs and tailbone, the Skeletools impact shorts were designed for snowboarding, skiing, motocros ... more info

WOLFBIKE As professional cycling brand, WOLFBIKE offers a wide selection of cycling sports life including cycling clothes, protective gear, helmets and cycling accessories at high quality yet low price because we are also the manufacturer who cut off all ... more info

Vigilante women's light padded shorts were designed to offer protection, mobility, and comfort in an ultra-lightweight short. The pads are strategically shaped, cut, and designed to move along with your body without bending or crushing. ... more info

T-Shirt Skateboard-Pictogram ... more info

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