Top 20 Best Selling Packaging Tape Dispensers (2021)

The Duck Brand offers quality, care and extraordinary value to consumers looking for friendly and convenient solutions to everyday problems. The brand is known for delivering excellent quality products at an everyday value. Duck Brand offers a full line o ... more info

Scotch Box Sealing Tape Dispenser H180 is a portable, lightweight, easy-to-operate, hand-held tape dispenser. ... more info

Scotch Sure Start Shipping Packaging Tape features technology that allows a smooth, easy unwind. It unwinds with a low noise that is great for the office environment. Meets US Postal Regulations for standard packages. ... more info

MN2: Versatile all steel framed carton sealer has an adjustable brake and spring loaded non-reversing tape gate. The Tach-It MN2 is lightweight, works on carton sealing tapes up to 2” wide and is the more durable dispenser in the market at this low cost ... more info

Made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, this heavy duty dispenser holds both 2 packaging tape and 3/4 tape. Weighted base allows easy, one-hand dispensing. Compartment for pens, pencils, scissors, ruler, etc. Perfect for mail room, shipping departme ... more info

Yellow adhesive applicator for use with Scotch ATG Tape 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch wide rolls. Covered gears minimizes applicator jams. Transparent cover shows remaining tape. Holds up to 60 yd (55m) of Scotch ATG Tapes. ... more info

Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Box Tape Dispenser for Packing, Shipping & Sealing Boxes - Uses 3 inch wide Tape - Easy to Load from the Side ... more info

Use pistol-grip, roll-on dispenser with 2 wide box sealing tape. Adjustable braking mechanism applies tension to tape. Tape refills include 3M 3750, 3710, 01530 and 01613. ... more info

Hand contoured packaging tape dispenser in red with braking device. ... more info

Scotch Heavy Duty Dispenser C25 is a weighted table top dispenser. ... more info

The pistol-grip dispenser holds 2 wide packaging tape with 3 core ... more info

Scotch® Low Noise Tape Dispenser H150 operates smoothly and quietly, making it usable in noise sensitive places such as offices or in the warehouse near phones.   The H150 is ideal where quiet operation is desired view larger ... more info

Masking Product General purpose tape dispenser hold up to 1 wide tape. Tape dispensers are application-designed to meet the needs of the customer. ... more info

Scotch Box Sealing Tape Dispenser H122 is a lightweight, compact, durable plastic hand-held dispenser with built-in brake for tighter more precise seals for box sealing. ... more info

The Bandit starter kit comes with the revolutionary Bandit dispenser and 3 rolls of tape. The dispenser fits the contour of your hand and allows for a much faster, easier packaging process. Why bother with the cumbersome metal tape gun when you can use ... more info

Make sure you have the necessary tools to tackle the toughest taping jobs. The ComforTech soft rubber handle provides an added layer of relief during extended periods of use. Bladesafe cutting feature helps prevent dangerous hand and finger injuries. Meet ... more info

Constructed of impact resistant plastic, Core can accept 1' or 3' diameter rolls. Accommodates type rolls up tp 1' wide and 2592' long. Features a full rubber base that prevents slipping and scratching. ... more info

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