Top 20 Best Selling Oyster Crackers (2021)

Premium Oyster Crackers great with soup or chowder ... more info

Westminster crackers have many unique features: a recipe more than 100 years old, a taste that's distinctive, and only seven, all natural ingredients that are easy to pronounce. Tradition is still alive at Westminster bakers company. Here we believe the u ... more info

Saveurs Helix Escargot are the very best and original French snails which are plump and tender, deshelled and in water. A great delicacy. ... more info

When Nicholas Lambrinides served his first bowl of chili at that small hilltop restaurant overlooking the Cincinnati skyline in 1949, he didn't server it alone. He served it with a heaping bowl of deliciously light and crispy oyster crackers - the same cr ... more info

Known as Helix Aspersa. These snails feed on a rich diet of leaves grown in temperate Burgundy, France. Snails date back to pre-historic times. ... more info

O.T.C Chowder/Oyster Cracker, 10 Ounces (Pack of 12) - What sets apart O.T.C from any other oyster cracker is their firm texture. The secret lies in the time consuming preparation and baking. The dough is given hours to rise naturally. Then it is kneaded ... more info

Artisan style oyster crackers, seasoned with cracked black pepper. It has added cracker black pepper will set your tastebuds tingling with flavor. It is made of all natural zero trans fats. Homestyle cracker that is larger than the rest and the size makes ... more info

Burry Foods Oyster crackers are small, salted, buttery crackers. It contains enriched Wheat flavor and vegetable oil. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. ... more info

Westminster Old Fashioned Oyster Crackers are baked with the same care and attention originally created in our kitchens in 1828. Created to proudly float on soups and chowders, Westminster Old Fashioned Oyster Crackers will make your customers say These a ... more info

Havanna alfajores are the pride and joy of Argentines all around the world. Three White alfajores: two delicate biscuits filled with a delicious rich, creamy, milk caramel sauce (dulce de leche). Covered in a light coating of exquisite meringue. Havanna A ... more info

What sets Yankee Traders Brand, O.T.C. crackers apart from any other oyster cracker is their firm texture. Careful preparation and slow baking are what give these crackers their crisp and crunchy texture. Traditionally served with oyster stews and soups, ... more info

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