Top 20 Best Selling Outdoor Fryer Accessories (2022) Reviews

These top rated outdoor fryer accessories will make your life easier. Popular outdoor flyer accessories brands are Bayou Classic, Eastman Outdoors, MasterBuilt, King Kooker etc.

30-Quart Perforated Aluminum Accessory Basket. Fits 30-Quart Bayou Classic Turkey Fryers and larger. Use to boil seafood, crawfish, clams, corn, and other vegetables. ... more info

Portable Kahuna XL Burner with Adjustable and Removable Legs and propane regulator valve with hose. Burner legs will detach from burner and securely store underneath burner for transporting. Legs quickly extend out from 18-inch to 26-inch. Burner surface ... more info

The large stainless accessory basket for the Bayou Fryer allows you to fry big batches of fish, chicken, hushpuppies, and fries. ... more info

The Complete Poultry Frying Rack Set fits in any size Turkey Fryer! Includes Perforated, Raised Poultry Rack, Grab Hook, 3-Piece Detachable Skewer Set, 2-oz. Seasoning Injector with Stainless Needle, and 12 in. Stainless Steel Thermometer. Fry a whole c ... more info

Known for quality and innovation, Masterbuilt's cooking products set the standard. The Masterbuilt Aluminum Turkey Pot Basket with Bailing Handle - 14 by 10 Inch fits 26 Quart and 30 Quart Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer Pots. ... more info

12-Inch AccuZone Deep Fry Thermometer shows safe cooking oil temperatures with a green zone and unsafe cooking oil temperatures with a red zone. Easily attaches to the side of pots or woks to read temperatures from a safe distance. Dishwasher safe. ... more info

Replacement filters for Eastman's patented cooking oil pump. ... more info

The King Kooker Cooking Oil Pump w/ Filter Model: KK329 filters particles from cooking oil. This oil pump and filter pumps oil back into container with no mess, it should be used for draining large boiling pots and should only be used in liquids that have ... more info

A six-pack of paper filters for Eastman's ABS plastic funnel. Perfect for draining and filtering used oil into a storage container. ... more info

ABS plastic funnel for draining and filtering used oil into a storage container. ... more info

Fried food is better with Cajun Injector Cottonseed Oil.聽 Turkey frying with cottonseed oil brings out the flavor. 聽Cottonseed Oil is high in anti-oxidants and cholesterol free. Frying your turkey gives the meat a special taste, and makes it moister than ... more info

Eastman's special wok accessories are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel, and will add to your cooking enjoyment with your new wok. ... more info

With a 2-Ounce plastic barrel and 6-Inch stainless steel needle, this injector is the perfect choice for marinating the meat of your choice. Needle has 12 holes for thorough marinade distribution. ... more info

Bayou Classic's traditional aluminum skimmer is perfect for use with large stockpots and fryers. ... more info

With adjustable legs and a flip-top rack, the Big Kahuna is the perfect burner for a wok or a turkey pot. Eastman's CSA-Approved high-BTU burners are perfect for camping or the backyard. Featuring the new Revolution burner design, this burner features a ... more info

The Nickel-Plated Mesh Fry Basket is 11 in. Wide and 5 in. Deep. The side hook holds basket on the rim of the pot so your food can drain. Perfect for frying chicken, fish, hushpuppies, or a batch of corn fritters! ... more info

Bayou Classic's traditional skimmer is perfect for use with large stockpots and fryers. ... more info

Use this heavy-duty lid lifter to help lift large cast iron dutch oven lids. ... more info

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