Top 20 Best Selling Optoisolators Optoelectronic Products (2021)

T1-3/4 PIN Silicon PhotodiodeFeatures:Size: 5.3mm diameterForward voltage: 1.2VForward current: 1mAWavelength: 890nmPower dissipation: 100mW ... more info

The Model KBSI-240D Signal Isolator provides an isolated interface between non-isolated signals and KB motor speed controls. Signal sources include process controllers transducers microprocessors and programmable controllers. The maximum output voltage of ... more info

Triac-output, 400V optoisolator. 6-pin DIP package ... more info


The NTE3090 is an optoisolator in a 6–lead DIP type package and contains a gallium-arsenide IRED optically coupled to a high–speed integrated detector with a Schmitt Trigger output. ... more info

Vishay / Small Signal & Opto Products (SSP) 4N36 Optoisolator; Analog; 6-Pin DIP; Transistor; COUPLER.ISOL.STD DIL10 ... more info

OptoisolatorQuad NPN phototransistor outputFeatures:Number of channels: 4High Current Transfer Ratio ( 80% min)High Isolation Voltage (5.3kVRMS ,7.5kVPK )High BVCEO ( 80Vmin )All electrical parameters 100% testedCustom electrical selections available ... more info

Vishay / Small Signal & Opto Products (SSP) 4N25 Optoisolator; Analog; 6-Pin DIP; Transistor; w/Base Connection ... more info

SILICON PIN PHOTODIODE WITH DAYLIGHT FILTER Spectral range of sensitivity: 400nm to 1100nm Features: Photocurrent: 80 µA (≥ 50 µA) Reverse voltage: 32V Total power dissipation: 150mW Spectral sensitivity: 0.62 A/W Wavelength of max. sensitivity: 850nm Rad ... more info

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