Top 20 Best Selling Oncidium Orchids (2022)

FYI, we can't ship safely if the low temps at the destination address are below freezing. Wilsonara Finial Fire orchid, near blooming size, red flowers This one is a Near Blooming Size orchid plant, that will put out lovely red flowers. It's a relati ... more info

This one is Wilsonara Opalescent 'On the Edge,' so-called because of the coloration around the edges of the flowers. It makes a nice addition to any orchid collection. The breeding is Odontioda Nationhood x Oncidium trilobum. This one is a really nice m ... more info

FYI, we can't ship safely if the daytime highs at the destination address are below freezing. This one is Miltassia Charles M Fitch 'Izumi' AM/AOS, a Blooming Size orchid that puts out lovely flowers. A member of the oncidium family, this orchid (Brs v ... more info

This is it. Yum! Sharry Baby is THE classic chocolate orchid, the one that exudes Eau de Godiva and can fill a small room with the fragrance of a freshly opened box of chocolates. And the great thing about these orchids is that they grow so quickly and ... more info

This is Odcdm. Everglades Elegance 'Nancy Lee' HCC/AOS, an orchid plant, that will put out lovely wine red, mahogany, white and gold colored flowers. This is a clone of the one that was awarded in 1993. The breeding is Oncidium Colon x Odontoglossum b ... more info

If you like red orchids, this milt is one of the brightest around. Mps Bert Field is Mps. Mulatto Queen x Mps. Woodlands. The flowers range from bright red to slightly darker, with touches of white and some yellow deep in the throat. The flowers are jus ... more info

This one is Oncidium Twinkle 'Pink Profusion,' an easy to grow Blooming Size orchid. Anybody can grow these orchids successfully, and once they reach maturity, they can produce just clouds of little pink flowers. Some award winners have had almost 500 flo ... more info

Blc. Harlequin `Elizabeth Off' (Lc Mem. Albert Heinecke x Nugget) A Waldor Exclusive! Harlequins (flowers fancifully varied in color) are highly sought after for their vibrant colors and picotee (flower whose edge is a different color than the base col ... more info

One of the easiest orchids to care for, the species Maxillaria tenuifolia is native to an area from Mexico down to Honduras. These summer bloomers carry long lasting dark red flowers with a spotted lip that smell like coconut, and in fact this is often c ... more info

C. intermedia alba `Penn Valley' AM/AOS (species) Beautiful, nearly pure white flowers are displayed on tall growths on this old-time beauty. Rarely offered for sale. These plants are cloned from the original plant. ... more info

Syngonium 'Green Star' is a fast growing Syngonium with white centers on green leaves.聽Syngonium 'Green Star' is a hybrid created for it's bright foliage colors and ease of growth.聽Syngoniums are also known as arrowhead plant, arrowhead vine, or arrowhead ... more info

Blc. George Herbert Walker Bush `Waldor' AM/AOS (Pamela Hetherington x Ochidglade's Full House) A Waldor Exclusive! The picture simply cannot due this beauty justice. The over-sized flowers have a faint tint of lavender with a darker lip. The lip, with ... more info

Vuylstekeara Cindy 'Pinky Lee' HCC/AOS is a near blooming size clone of the awarded plant, and the flowers will be simply beautiful. A member of the oncidium family, this orchid (Milt. My Clown x Onc. Shonan Pinky) pretty much grows like the proverbial w ... more info

This one is Masdevallia Queen Dean, a blooming size orchid in a 3.5 inch pot. The flowers will have fiery shades of red and lavender over burnt orange -- strikingly beautiful. It's a complex hybrid. The breeding is Masdevallia Dean Haas x Masdevallia Mo ... more info

If you are into paphs, this one makes a nice addition to any collection. This hybrid is relatively new (registered in 2010), and the cross is producing some lovely flowers with hints of pink. The breeding on this one is Paphiopedilum Anhinga x Paph Frie ... more info

Oncidium Sweet Ears is a great orchid for beginners -- easy to grow and it puts out clouds of lovely yellow and brown flowers. It's similar to the famous Dancing Lady orchid. The breeding is Cyrtocidium Sweet Sugar x Oncidium Cloud Ears, but relax and f ... more info

This hybrid is relatively new (registered in 2011), and the cross is producing some spectacular flowers with both stripes on the dorsal and lots of spots on the petals. The breeding on this one is Paphiopedilum Macabre Magic x Paph. Magic Spots. Picture ... more info

Anoectochilus sp. is a neat terrestrial jewel orchid that has not been identified, and is completely suitable for use in a tropical vivarium. Anoectochilus sp. is typically grown for it's attractive copper and green foliage. Anoectochilus sp. does bloom o ... more info

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