Top 20 Best Selling Oil Supply Lines Fuel Injection Replacement Parts (2021)

GODSPEED - NEW Aluminum Oil return line (17 long hose) Fit: T3/T4 Hybrid, T3, T4, T04E,T60, T60-1, T61, T70 turbocharger (IT also fit other OIL COOLED TURBO) ... more info

This part fits:Make(fits years)ModelAudi(2001-2006)A4 1.8LAudi(2001-2005)A4 Quattro 1.8LVW(2001-2005)Passat GL 1.8LVW(2001-2005)Passat GLS 1.8LVW(2001-2005)Passat GLS 4M 1.8L ... more info

Auto Dynasty's Oil feed lines and returns lines are an essential part of any turbo system. Oil feed lines bring oil to the turbocharger, at the same time the oil cools and lubricates the moving parts. The Oil Drain Lines take the oil that has passed throu ... more info

High-quality stainless steel oil feed upgrade assemblies. ... more info

GODSPEED - NEW Stainless Steel Oil supply line (90 degree) Fit: T3/T4 hybrid, T3, T4, T70, T04E,T60, T60-1, T61 turbocharger (It also fit other OIL COOLED TURBO WITH 1/8 oil feeding port) Package include: special designed inlet adapter limits oil f ... more info

Auto Dynasty's Oil Drain Lines take the oil that has passed through the turbo and guides it back into the engine's oil pan. Features stainless steel braiding to resist heat, pressure, and expansion of the lines. Each kit comes with andonized ends or fitti ... more info

Turbo Oil Feeding Line Kit Braided for T3 T4 T04E T60 T61 T70 GT35Our Oil Feeding Flange has Restriction build in, Supplies proper Oil feeding to the turbo. Be Aware that other oil kit may just have a big hole and can blow Exhaust Sealing Easily. ... more info

high quality stainless steel oil feed lines - special designed inlet adapter limits oil flow, effectively prevent blown oil seal caused by excessive oil pressure - 1/8 Adapter NPT male fitting that goes to the block and one- 4AN male fitting buitl on fl ... more info

Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. We've earned our reputation for excellence from over three decades of experience in providing automotive replacement parts, fasteners and service line prod ... more info

. Professional Installation Suggested . If instruction is included, we will list ABOVE with item info. . NOTE: All of turbo parts and accessories do need to modification in order to fits perfectly. ... more info

(universal ) oil drain line kit WILL FIT T3 , T3T4, T4, T70, T66 , and almost all the turbo chargers (oil cooled turbo only) -come with the following item -comes with gasket, screws/washer - 17 braided oil drain line - heavy duty oil drain adaptors and ... more info

BMW Vanos Oil Line Pipe Hose to Oil Filter Housing + Washers Genuine OE 05532 => 1997 - 2000 2.8L; E36; VANOS to Block Z3 / 2006 3.0L; M54 Eng.; E83; VANOS to Block X3 / 2001 - 2006 6 Cyl.; M54 Eng.; E53; VANOS to Block X5 / 1998 1999 E36; From 12/97 VANO ... more info

complete oil line kit for t3/t4, t3, t70 turbo and most turbo - 5/8 high temp 500psi oil return line ( 18 ) - straight oil feed line ( 77 ) - angle oil fee line ( 36 ) - gaskets and bolts for turbo - turbo oil drain& oil feed fittings ( fits almost all th ... more info

Braided Turbo Oil Return kit for T3 T4 T04E T60 T61 T70.It comes with:Two AN-10 Aluminum Fitting (One Straight, one 45deg)One AN-10 Weld on Steel Fitting (weld to oil pan)One 24 inch long Braid Oil Line.You can use this kit to make almost all oil return l ... more info

Gardner-Wescott Bolt Set Rotor Cast Chr. Part Number C-80-42 / 2401-0296 ... more info

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