Top 20 Best Selling Oil Drains Fuel Transfer & Lubrication (2021)

The Dispos-Oil is a practical and environmental solution for recycling your used motor oil. Features a large opening with a 3 gallon capacity. The molded handle provides ease in carrying and transporting to your nearest recycle center. Resistant to chemi ... more info

For easier, cleaner oil changes, fluids drain directly into a large opening. The anti-splash lip contains fluid when pouring and molded handle make carrying, pouring and storing easy. ... more info

Oil changes are now a snap Several strokes of the pump create a vacuum that neatly captures up to 6 liters (1.57 gal.) in the sturdy container Pour spout is included to help empty container Pump is removable for easy storage Works great for snowmobiles, b ... more info

Made of reprocessed polyethylene, the Wedcotainer's low profile makes it possible to drain engine oil and antifreeze from under even the lowest of cars then store and transport them in the same unit. The funnel screws onto the side of the container while ... more info

The drainmaster has a 15 quart capacity, allows you to drain direct which makes for no oily tub, funnel, or mess. The heavy-duty construction with E-Z handle design, E-Z roll wheels, allows for no mess to clean-up on top or side. It has a large 8 inches o ... more info

PIG庐 Form-A-Funnel庐 Flexible Draining Tool easily molds, then holds its shape so you get every last drop of oil every time, no matter how obstructed the filter or plug. Easily wipes clean with most cleaners and degreasers. Easy to store flat or rolled up ... more info

This specially shaped, translucent jug holds 8 gallons. Reinforced base will not warp with hot oil. It features a wide working range from 36-1/2 inches to 74 inches. Its lower center of gravity increases stability and four 2-1/2 inches ball bearing wheels ... more info

20 quart capacity, square polyethylene drain pan. Handles provided for carrying/transport of filled pan. ... more info

Changing engine oil can be messy, time consuming and there is no good way to dispose of old oil. The LiquiVac is a new user friendly and environmentally safe oil changing system. It is fast, convenient and eliminates mess and clean-up. The LiquiVac works ... more info

16 quart large capacity polyethylene drain pan. Handle provided for ease in positioning and removal of contaminated fluid. Rolled lid prevents spills when draining. ... more info

Behrens 3-Gallon seamless drain/utility pan has multiple uses from oil drip pan to pet dish. this a steel pan won't absorb odors or leach into food. It is fully recyclable and won't rust if left out in the weather. Made in the U.S.A ... more info

Perfectly designed to get a potentially messy job done right. Seamless construction: Can't leak, spill, or break apart. Built in 90 pouring spout, splash guards, and handles on both sides. Large capacity for draining engines, radiators, and transmissions. ... more info

For easier and cleaner oil changes, fluids drain directly into the large opening that can be closed for storage or transport. ... more info

This Neiko Professional Portable Oil Drain (Small) for most passenger vehicles. This smaller model does not come with wheels. Dimensions: 22.4X 12.6X 5. Total capacity: 11 quarts (2.75 gallons). ... more info

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