Top 20 Best Selling Nitrous Oxide Systems Fuel System Performance Parts (2021)

Nitrous Oxide System, Cheater, Wet, 150-250 hp, 10 lb. Bottle, Blue, Dominator 4500, 4-Barrel, Kit ... more info

The leader in street/track nitrous oxide systems develops a new way to safely add 15-35 horsepower to any EFI-powered vehicle in less than 60 minutes When it comes to street performance, cold air intakes and exhaust systems are typical upgrades used to p ... more info

Edelbrock Nitrous Plate Kits include high-quality powder-coated nitrous plates, stainless steel jet assortment and stainless steel braided lines. These kits are placed in the manifolds of nitrous systems to upgrade them. ... more info

Nitrous Express Proton Series Nitrous System with 10 pounds Bottle combines performance, durability and value in a compact and easy to mount module. Proton systems contain high quality, made in the USA, solenoids that are capable of producing 150 horsepow ... more info

This NOS Pro Shot Fogger nitrous system utilizes the patented Fogger 2 Nozzle technology for excellent combustion, distribution and adjustability, allowing each cylinder to be injected with a precise cool, dense fuel laden nitrous fog mixture. Featuring ... more info

Sniper; Nitrous System; Adjustable From 100-150 HP; Quadra-Jet 4 bbl; w/o Bottle/Bottle Brkt; Fuel Pump Must Operate Between 4.5-7psi; ... more info

The NOS Sneeky Pete will enable you to obtain that extra tenth of a second without being obvious. It will be necessary to jet the carburetors a little richer; over and above what is normal to compensate for the nitrous from the Sneeky Pete, since no addi ... more info

ZEX EFI Wet Nitrous System for 8 Cylinder Engines is designed to provide anywhere from 75-125 additional horsepower. It can be installed on stock type engines or turbocharged/supercharged vehicles in about 2 hours. All necessary components are shipped wit ... more info

The Nitrous Express Stand Alone Fuel Enrichment System for gasoline improves the performance of any nitrous system. The SAFE system includes a one gallon, high strength, composite fuel cell that can be mounted in most factory battery trays without modific ... more info

The NOS Cheater system is designed for 350 CID or larger, carbureted engines. It uses large nitrous and fuel solenoids and can be adjusted to any desired power level from 150 to 250 horsepower. ... more info

The NOS Super Powershot system allows you to adjust for more or less power. The jet size can be changed to allow you to decide the amount of nitrous/fuel mix is right for your application. ... more info

Ny-Trex is a manufacturer of quality nitrous oxide performance systems with an emphasis on aggressive styling features and competitive performance components that provide the edge that serious racing enthusiast demand. Ny-Trex has the distinct advantage o ... more info

ZEX EFI Wet Nitrous System for 4 and 6 Cylinder Engines is a universal kit that is designed to work safely on stock type engines but is also engineered to perform flawlessly on highly modified turbocharged and supercharged applications. It is a simple, tw ... more info

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