Top 20 Best Selling Ninja Weapons (2022)

This a security grade expandable with a ballistic holster. It is all steel construction with a textured rubber grip. I Have found the cheaper models that have a foam rubber grip (mimic of the ASP) do not hold up as well as the rubber. The foam tears easi ... more info

Perfect gift for avid collectors of the ancient martial arts. ... more info

Used by ninjas to scale walls, climb trees and aid in quick escapes. This grappling hook by Fury has been specially designed to fold flat when not in use. Heavy duty midnight black finished steel hook is compact and easy to carry and comes with a 33 foot ... more info

The strength and durability of these vipers will allow you to hack through almost anything. Each sword is constructed with one solid piece of black anodized 420 stainless steel. The handles are nylon wrapped to insure a tight grip at all times. Includes a ... more info

Predator Blowguns - Pkg. of 50 Spike Darts. Model: PRSPK. Package of 50 short, sharp tip darts. Hang packaged. Country of Origin: USA ... more info

Unique Ninja knife Has 3-4in. Metal Spikes, Caltrops and a Small dagger in the handle. ... more info

It's a keychain and a self-defense weapon when held so the spokes stick out from between the fingers when making a fist. This keychain packs a mean punch. Made of black metal. 5 1/2 long. ... more info

This exclusive ninja assassin strike force twin swords set is an excellent collection with a great value. This set features 440 stainless steel blades with sharp points and a tactical black finish. Black steel guards, and accented black nylon cord wrapped ... more info

War fans were used in Japanese feudal warfare, of varying size and material for different purposes. This fan holds Historical Japanese references as well as an illustrated tribute to two mythical figures in Japanese folklore. The wingspan extends to 27.5 ... more info

Here it is Folks; at last the HALO Covenant Titanium Color ENERGY SWORD Type-1. Now you can own not only just the video game but part of the video game and the weapon to defeat the bad guys. This Titanium Color Energy Sword is a close quarter's melee weap ... more info

Grapple out from a tight spot. Steel makes this a sturdy hook for grabbing an item quickly. The long nylon rope provides excessive length needed to make a complete grab. The hooks are placed on the threaded spine of the base with a spring tensioner. Turn ... more info

Ninja Utility Belt Ninja Utility Belt has a soft leather material with an adjustable strap. It Is considered ONE SIZE FITS ALL. It is a nice belt used to store some of your small items. It is very durable and can be hand washed and linedried . With al ... more info

Although many variations of this particular Ninja item existed, the Fury Tekagi-shuko or Hand Tiger has been recreated based on an original design consisting of a metal band conjoined by a strap fitting around the palm and another around the wrist. The up ... more info

3 quill darts with nylon sheath as pictured. Very lightweight design, can attach to forearm or lower ankle area. Practice your ninja cat-like reflexes, place your order today! ... more info

This sword was crafted for true sword aficionados. It will perform admirably due to the quality stainless steel construction and the black cord handle, which grips easily. Also, after seeking, the sword fits easily into its full-length nylon sheath. The b ... more info

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