Top 20 Best Selling Network & Cable Testers Test, Measure & Inspect (2021)

Comes complete with LED light indicator, detachable tone detector, female push-on connector and 1.5V AAA battery. Drop cable continuity tester - accurate up to 5,000 feet. Identify cables in an MDU, and detect troublesome short circuits. Loud tone identif ... more info

IntelliTone Pro 200 Toner and Probe Kit Get advanced vision for locating cables more effectively at patch panels, switches, termination blocks, or hidden within bundles. IntelliTone Pro Toner and Probe find the cables others can't. IntelliTone Pro Ton ... more info

IntelliTone Case Heavy-duty pack cloth padded and lined case with belt loops and d-ring. ... more info

Test Leads with Bed of Nails Set of two Banana Jack test leads with piercing pin 'Bed of Nails' alligator clips with vinyl sleeves. ... more info

Fluke Networks MS2-100 MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier The Fluke Networks MS2-100 MicroScanner2 cable verifier verifies voice/data/video (VDV) cables and multimedia sources on common media types, including RJ11, RJ45, and coax. The meter displays a graphica ... more info

The smart network tester that fits in your pocket, connects to your phone and stores your results in the cloud. Five essential network tests in the palm of your hand. Simply connect your LinkSprinter to a network and the test sequence begins automaticall ... more info

The Fluke Networks TS52 Pro telephone test set, available with various line cord connectors to suit specific applications, is designed for outside plant use to detect dial tone and polarity, place and receive calls, indicate line voltage and current, and ... more info

MicroMapper Simple Verification TesterView larger MicroMapper verifies wiremap and identifies faults with LEDs MicroMapper tester identifies wiring faults including shorts, crossed and reversed wires, and split pairs, and verifies shield integrity in c ... more info

The Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT 1000 is a portable troubleshooting device for analyzing and testing Ethernet networks over copper cable infrastructure. It stores and performs automated connectivity tests to help identify and analyze network problems. The ... more info

The Fluke Networks IntelliTone Pro 100 tone generator and probe kit with patch cords, test leads, and F-type adapter verifies and troubleshoots virtually any copper cabling in datacom and telecom networks using IntelliTone digital signaling to locate and ... more info

The Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT 2000 Network Auto-Tester is a portable troubleshooting device for analyzing and testing Ethernet networks over copper and fiber optic cable infrastructure. It stores and performs automated connectivity tests to help identi ... more info

Attach test probes to component and IC leads with these mini adapters. ... more info

The Jonard CM-8 eight-way coaxial cable mapper maps multi-run coaxial cable systems to and from a central bundle, and is designed for use on coaxial cable installations including cable and satellite television, audio/video equipment, closed-circuit TV, se ... more info

The network tech's vision into cabling bandwidth CableIQ qualification tester is the first cabling bandwidth tester for network technicians. It gives even the most novice tech the vision to see what speeds existing cabling can support, quickly isolate ca ... more info

The Amprobe AT-2005-A advanced wire tracer is a circuit tracer that locates and traces energized and non-energized wires, breakers, neutrals, and grounds to identify shorts, ground faults, and broken wires. It locates and traces wires in walls, floors, c ... more info

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