Top 20 Best Selling Nail Pullers Hand Tools (2022)

Use the TEKTON Automatic Center Punch to mark hole locations for starting drill and screws. It delivers an automatic, high-impact, spring-loaded strike when pressed against wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. An adjustable cap regulates striking force. It ... more info

TEKTON 5652 4 Power Grip Vacuum Cup features: Durable High Impact Nylon Body, Quick Release Handle for Easy Re-Positioning, High-Visibility Blaze Orange Color Makes Tool Easy to Locate, 4 Cup Diameter, Pulls Out Dents in Vehicle Panels Easily - No Holes t ... more info

Unbreakable amber handle. Blister proof dome. Made of super strong hardened tool steel. Full beveled and round claw. ... more info

No need to attempt a hand numbing squeeze on the handle. Just engage the jaws and push. The revolutionary design of the serrated parallel jaws causes them to automatically increase gripping force as greater presssure is encountered. Does minimal damage to ... more info

Crescent 18 Sure Grip Nail Puller. Nail puller is made from forged alloy with a hardened and tempered jaw. Nail puller is finished in black enamel. ... more info

The Crescent CODE RED Nail Pulling Pliers are designed to pull nails in a variety of work environments. Capable of Pulling nails through wood in circumstances were the head of the nail is not accessible. These situations occur frequently in demolition and ... more info

Easily lift and remove tacks, upholstery and trim clips, staples and nails using the TEKTON 4-Inch Tack Puller. It features a professional grade, chrome vanadium shaft with a triple chrome plated, corrosion-resistant finish. An oversized 6-flute handle al ... more info

Roof Snake allows you to slip the nail into position without lifting the shingle on the row above much more than the height of the nail. This is a brand new PacTool siding carrier and comes with a full PacTool warranty. We are an authorized PacTool deal ... more info

Professional grade tool used for removing fine wire staples from any upholstered item. A must have for any reupholstery job. Will not mar material, because no hammer is needed. Just insert the probe under staple and use the rocker mechanism to remove. ... more info

Made of S-5 grade steel invest casted with a built in circular saw wrench and can opener. ... more info

The TEKTON 3304 Tack Puller is great for pulling stubborn tacks, brads and staples. The blade is 4 in. and constructed of drop forged, heat treated carbon steel with a contoured square handle for a sure grip. This tack puller has an overall length of 7 1/ ... more info

This pry bar and nail puller is made with high-quality hardened steel alloy and the thinnest blade available on the market. It will pry into any tight spot with ease, doing less damage to wall and molding surfaces. The curve of the blade is designed to li ... more info

DEP12 Features: -Nail puller.-Made for extracting tough to remove nails.-Double ended.-Fully forged.-Tempered for added strength.-Painted to resist corrosion.-Sharp polished blades.-12''. ... more info

STANLEY MOLDING BAR SCRAPER 8 Bar scraper Molding Bar Scraper Forged High Carbon Steel Bar Heat Treated For Durability Tempered For Safety Polished Beveled Claw Allows For Precision Nail Pulling & Prying Flat striking face allows claw to be driven ... more info

TEKTON 5632 9-Pc. 5-Lb. Dent Puller Set features: 5-lb. Malleable Steel Slide Hammer, Drop Forged, Heat Treated Steel Shaft and Attachments, Fingergrip Handle for Sure Grip, Ideal Tool Set for Do-It-Yourself Auto-Body Repairs, 1-pc. 5-lb. Slide Hammer, 2- ... more info

Pneumatic nails often have weak heads, but SharkGrip nail pullers pull from the shank. The tool's hardened V takes a positive bite into the nail's shank for easy removal. The puller's curved underside easily slides under an embedded nailhead or onto the n ... more info

The Kwick Gripper converts pulling force into gripping force making it the most efficient nail remover tool on the market for completely removing any type of nail, screw, bolt or staple. Effective at removing any type of fastener regardless of its conditi ... more info

Pry out nails quickly and easily with this nail puller from Task Tools. The puller is great for recycling lumber, re-installation, and more. Double-ended for wiggling in underneath head, then prying out with force, the puller does it all. Heavy-duty steel ... more info

Hand-sharpened, double-tempered chromium high carbon steel blade will bite into any part of nail including headless nails. ... more info

The IDEAL 34-002 Safe-T-Grip Fuse Puller is a medium puller for 0 to 100A/250V and 600V, 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch diameter fuses. Its handy and convenient for removing or replacing cartridge-type fuses. There are three sizes to handle fuses ranging from 0 to 60 ... more info

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