Top 20 Best Selling Multiparameter Meters (2022)

Product Description: How Pure is Your Water? A TDS meter (aka ppm pen, nutrient tester, tds stick) is an inexpensive and convenient digital tool to instantly check your overall water quality. TDS = Total Dissolved Solids, which is any salt, metal or miner ... more info

This manual ranging multimeter with large 2000 count Liquid Crystal Display , diode test and continuity beeper. Includes a 1.5 and 9 volt battery test. The fuse is protected with a rubber holster with a tilt stand. ... more info

The HI98121 pH/ORP/Temperature WP tester with advanced functions designed for simultaneouse pH and ORP measurements. It also reads temperature which is continuously displayed on the dual level LCD. The encapsulated external stainless steel sensor, posit ... more info

The Nutradip CMS (constant monitoring system) pH Meter is the reliable way to measure acidity or alkalinity in your water. It is a continuous monitoring pH meter with automatic temperature compensation. ... more info

The Tracer PockeTester offers direct reading of Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Salinity, and Temperature with one electrodevEasy-to-use. Memory can store up to 15 readingsAutomatic shut-off and Low battery indicator; uses four SR-44W button batteri ... more info

The Amprobe AM-240 Autoranging Multimeter with Temperature Sensor has autoranging and manual controls for measuring temperature, current, voltage, capacitance, resistance, duty cycle, and frequency in HVAC and industrial electrical testing applications. ... more info

The 60510 ISE (pH, ORP, pH/ORP, ammonium, nitrate, chloride) cable's in lengths of 1 meters. Cables over 1-meter also come with the 603062 cable management kit. The ISE cables ONLY work with the YSI Pro Plus handheld. Any of the ISE sensors can be connect ... more info

The HI 99151 is a portable waterproof pH meter for both indoor and outdoor use. The meter features a large LCD screen, automatic temperature compensation (ATC), a hold function to freeze and record results, and a battery error protection system to help p ... more info

The HORIBA LAQUA F-70 series marries advanced technology with stylish design and an easy-to-use touch screen interface. The LAQUA series was developed as a durable meters offering long term reliability for laboratory professionals. Advanced functionalitie ... more info

The Oakton 35425-05 Oakton Multiparameter 35-Series PTTestr 35 is a handheld, waterproof, and dustproof pocket meter that measures pH, conductivity, and temperature and floats, if dropped in water. A portable pocket meter is commonly used to measure the p ... more info

Product Description: NEW! The COM-80 is an economically priced, reliable EC/TDS meter (ppm pen / nutrient tester) that is ideal for testing applications such as hydroponics & gardening, pools & spas, aquariums & reef tanks, water ionizers, drinking water ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 9811-5 is a pH/EC/TDS waterproof meter designed for simplicity in taking pH, micro-S/cm, ppm (mg/L) and temperature measurements. Both the Hanna Instruments HI 9811-5 and HI 9812-5 are ideal for hydroponics, greenhouses, farming a ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 9828 portable water-quality meter is capable of measuring 12 different water-quality parameters including pH, electro conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), oxygen reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen, atmospheri ... more info

. .Digiflow 8000T Gallon Flow Meter Specs: Temperature: 40-104 deg. F(5-40 deg. C) Pressure: 7-98 psi(0.5-7.0 Kg/cm2) Flow Rate: 0.4 - 2.0 gpm (1.5 - 7.5 lpm) (Package Of 2) ... more info

This Thermo Scientific Orion Star A111 pH Benchtop Meter kit makes it easy and affordable to take simple, accurate pH measurements. The kit includes the 9157BNMD Epoxy Refillable pH/ATC Triode with a mini DIN connector and the 916099 pH Buffer 60mL Kit (1 ... more info

The YSI 63 is a waterproof, portable pH, conductivity, salinity, and temperature meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), automatic calibration, a multilevel LCD screen, a combination pH, electro-conductivity (EC), and salinity electrode with ... more info

The Milwaukee Mi180 benchtop meter displays pH, ORP, EC, TDS, or NaCl with temperature on a large, easy-to-read display for a range of advanced laboratory testing applications. The stability indicator prompts the user when the reading is stable. Total dis ... more info

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