Top 20 Best Selling Mulches Soils, Fertilizers & Mulches (2021)

Perma mulch tr24912-30 24-inch red and brown tree ring ... more info

Amazing expanding mulch works for many garden projects. ... more info

An easy to apply, Twice-cut, processed straw provides erosion protection in a convenient, easy-to-handle package. ... more info

Increases tomato plant yield by up to 20 percent. Reflects red light back to plants which stimulates growth. Retains moisture, controls, weeds, warms the soil. Also use for strawberries, melons and other crops that fruit above ground. Measures 8 pre-cut 3 ... more info

Black mulch is great for keeping the weeds away! This is the best all-purpose plastic mulch. The mulch will warm your soil and reduce evaporation to conserve water. You will have earlier and higher yields when using black mulch. While it helps in conservi ... more info

Powerful Staples for Erosion Control FabricAre you tired of dealing with fasteners that just can't seem to hold erosion control netting in place? It's a common problem, but we have a viable solution. Our sod staples are incredibly easy to fasten and insta ... more info

Color enriching solutions that enhance the look and extend the life of natural ground cover. Makes ground cover look better than new. ... more info

This spanish decorative moss decorates and beautifies the appearance of soil in ornamentals, baskets, terrariums, dish gardens, flower pots, or any artificial arrangement. Just spread the fluffy fibers over the soil. Does not interfere with watering or fe ... more info

There are many benefits of utilizing wood mulches for groundcover. From moisture retention, erosion control to weed prevention and aesthetic beauty. The list is constantly growing. Many major cities in North America have made it mandatory to mulch around ... more info

Color enriching solutions that enhance the look and extend the life of natural ground cover. Makes ground cover look better than new. ... more info

Organic coco coir planting chips are great indoors for tropicals or outdoors as mulch. Use as decorative ground cover, retains water and resists fungus. Perfect as hydroponic medium or aggregate for soil applications. Easy to carry and store. Each lightwe ... more info

A wholly organic mulching material made from the outer shell of the cocoa bean. The material breaks down slowly and will not disappear into the soil. Apply in the spring or summer to help reduce weeds and conserve water. Apply in the fall to insulate in t ... more info

1.5 mil 3ftx 1000ft black mulching film used for planting and weed control for melons, and other vegetables.Size3X1000 FEETColor BLACKBCI - 027078 ... more info

EZ-Straw Seeding Mulch With Tack is processed straw with a bonding agent that gives straw a tackiness which holds it together. Protects grass seed from heavy washout and windy areas. Speeds up germination. Water less often. Biodegrades - no mess to clean ... more info

Weeding between garden rows is tiresome work, and most mulches barely last a season, especially if you walk on them. Now you can solve the problem the efficient, lasting way that professional nurseries do! ... more info

Easy Gardener, 24 x 6', Brown Roll Out Permanent Mulch, Made With 100% Recycled Rubber, All In 1 Product That Mulches & Provides Weed Control, Stays In Place, Even On Slopes, Maintenance Free, Won't Discolor Or Decompose, Perfect For Around Pools, Patios, ... more info

Silver Mulch has been University proven to increase yields up to 20 percent and lowers insect problems. The extra light from the reflection repels insects and the increased light from reflection is one of the reasons your yields increase. The bottom of th ... more info

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