Top 20 Best Selling MOSFET Transistors (2022)

International Rectifier IRFP4668PBF MOSFET, N Ch., 200V, 130A, 9.7 MOHM, 161 NC QG, TO-247AC, Pb-Free ... more info

Price for: Each 1 . Continuous Drain Current Id:202A.Drain Source Voltage Vds:40V.MSL:-.No. of Pins:3.On Resistance Rds(on):0.004ohm.Operating Temperature Max:175C.Operating Temperature Min:-55C.Power Dissipation Pd:200W.Rds(on) Test Voltage Vgs:10V.SVHC: ... more info

Low drain-source ON resistance, Low leakage current. High forward transfer admittance. Switching Regulator Applications. ... more info

Description: Dynamic dv/dt rating. Repetitive Avalanche Rated. Fast Switching. Ease of Paralleling. TO-220AB Package. ... more info

IRF520 Military/High-Rel:NV(BR)DSS (V):100V(BR)GSS (V):20I(D) Max. (A):9.2#I(DM) Max. (A) Pulsed I(D):[email protected] (酶C):100IDM Max (@25酶C Amb):37#Absolute Max. Power Diss. (W):60#Minimum Operating Temp (酶C):-55玫Maximum Operating Temp (酶C):150玫Thermal Resistan ... more info

Descritpion: Available in high power packages, the BTA24 series is suitable for general purpose AC switching. They can be used as an ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation, induction motor starting circuits... or for pha ... more info

20pcs. of 2N7000 MOSFET N-CHANNEL 60 Volts 0.2 Amps - Free Shipping ... more info

Pack of 2 IRF540 N-channel Power MOSFETsMax Junction Temperature: 175 CMax Drain-Source Voltage: 100VMax Continuous Source Current: 33AAlso known as: IRF510, IRF520, IRF530 ... more info

Price for: Each 1 . Continuous Drain Current Id: 195A. Drain Source Voltage Vds: 40V. MSL: -. No. of Pins: 3. On Resistance Rds(on): 0. 0014ohm. Operating Temperature Max: 175C. Operating Temperature Min: -55C. Power Dissipation Pd: 375W. Rds(on) Test Vol ... more info

Set of 1 piece Transistor ZVP3306A, MOSFET P-Chnl 60V ... more info

High speed switching, low on-resistance, no secondary breakdown, low driving power. Applications: switching regulators, UPS(Uninterruptable Power Supply), DC-DC converters. ... more info

Deisign for general purpose amplifier and low speed switching applications. Easy for install of it . ... more info

The Triode Transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify and switch electronic signals. It is composed of semiconductor material with 3 pin terminals for connection to an external circuit. This Triode Transistor is widely embedded in integrated cir ... more info

IRF520 聽 IRF 520 Power N Mosfet Transistor TO-220 10 pcs FL, USA. ... more info

IRFP250 IRFP250N MOSFET N-Channel 30A 200V ... more info

VN40AF Nota Bene: Image is not true representation of part ... more info

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