Top 20 Best Selling Moisture Meters (2021) Reviews

Top rated moisture meters used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance in order to determine if the material is ready for use, unexpectedly wet or dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection. Made by quality brands – General Tools, Luster Leaf, Sonin, Tramex, Wagner, Delmhorst, Extech etc.

Ideal to use in woodworking, building construction, and agriculture. LCD display. Wide measuring range. Check wood, drywall, and concrete before painting, sealing, or treating. Locate and identify water leaks in roofs, floors, and walls. ... more info

Invaluable aid for maintaining correct moisture levels for healthy plant growth. Eliminates over or under watering. Use for all indoor plants, outdoor planters, hanging baskets, window boxes, and bedding plant areas. Molded case is impact resistant and pr ... more info

This handy hand-held pocket meter checks your Reverse Osmosis membrane performance. Simply turn it on and dip the end in a glass of water - it instantly give you a reading of TDS (total dissolved solids). To check membrane performance, test untreated wate ... more info

The Moisture Meter instrument measures the moisture content of soil, indicating when it is time to water your plants. Three various zones are indicated on the top of the meter to indicate the level of moisture needed for various types of plants. Easil ... more info

INSPECTOR+ Geiger Counter Enhanced Sensitivity To Low Level Radiation Larger detector window and digital readout make this our most sensitive and accurate radiation meter for alpha, beta, gamma and X-rays. Simple to use in basic mode with characteristic ... more info

Moisture Sensor lets you know the humidity of your soil. The easy to read graduated dial indicates if the soil is dry, moist or wet so that a lawn or garden can be watered accordingly. Save water and save money with this durable conservation aid. Head / d ... more info

Sounds an 85dB alarm when a leak is detected. Requires one 9-Volt battery. ... more info

Contact probes are on a 3-foot coiled cable for detecting moisture in hard to reach spots. The 10-point scale corresponds to moisture levels from 10 to 28%. Scale and reference chart correlate relative and moisture percentage readings. Requires one 9-vo ... more info

Item Number: TR115 The Moisture Encounter PLUS is an upgraded version of the worlds most popular and successful non-destructive moisture meter the Moisture Encounter. The Moisture Encounter PLUS incorporates all the features and benefits found in the orig ... more info

No holes are only the beginning to these new feature packed moisture meters. These meters use the latest in electromagnetic wave technology to provide fast, pin-free moisture content readings. Reads an area of 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 to a depth of 3/4. This reading ... more info

Our non-invasive digital moisture meter is ideal for measuring moisture content in wood, lumber, timber and other and building materials. This highly accurate moisture meter also works well for measuring moisture content in storage environments.• Moisture ... more info

Item Number: DEBD2100 Instrument is supplied with extra #2497/A-100 contact pins and instructions in a hard carrying case. Features: Designed to check moisture levels in wood, concrete, EIFS, sheetrock, and other materials Resistance technology recognized ... more info

Rapitest, Mini Moisture Meter, Instantly Tells You When To Water Plants, Prevents Over Watering, Ideal For Plants Grown In Window Boxes, Hanging Baskets & Growbags. ... more info

Extech digital moisture meter has pinless non-invasive design that will not damage surfaces. ... more info

Bright red numeric display makes taking accurate moisture readings easy and error-free. Simply press the pins into the wood and the meter automatically turns on to provide a reading. Features a wide moisture range of 6-45% - low enough for professional fu ... more info

Measures moisture in wood from 8-22. Detects studs, beams and joists behind walls up to a depth of 3/4. Detects metal of all kinds behind walls up to 2 deep. Locates and traces live AC wires behind walls up to 2 deep plus checks receptacles and switches. ... more info

The mini-Ligno E/D moisture meter has a bright, easy-to-read, digital display and a wide moisture range - at an affordable price. Great for occasional use or in-line measurements. The moisture range is low enough for cabinet makers, professional woodwor ... more info

Gardeners can conveniently test their moisture, and pH levels with the handy ActiveAir 2-Way Meter. Moisture readings register on a scale of 0 (dry) to 10 (moist), and pH readings between pH 0 (acidic) and pH 10 (basic) are represented. The durable, easy- ... more info

Products trademarked HQRP are marketed and sold exclusively by Osprey-Talon. Digital Wood Moisture Meter. - High resolution and response quickly Data hold; - Digital large size LCD display; - Measures the containing water of wood, bamboo, cotton,tobacco, ... more info

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