Top 20 Best Selling Model Rocket Kits Rockets Toys (2022)

Plastic Bottle (Rocket Body) with 4 Fins (One For Spare) Plastic Tubing (Nearly 80 Inches Long) 1 Pump Connector Detailed Instructions With Fun Facts ... more info

Science in action ! Construct a racing car that employs the principle of the rocket with this awesome Rocket Race Car Kit. Be amazed by its blasting power & speed. It's powered by water and air pressure & you can even use a bicycle pump(not included) to m ... more info

Estes Shuttle Xpress Model Rocket Kit A NASA type rocket with boost gliders - what a winning combination! The Estes Shuttle Xpress is a new wave of fighter glider technology that carries two gliding fighter shuttles to the skies. The authentic booster roc ... more info

The Air Burst(tm) Rocket system has a 26 tall, air-powered tri-pod launcher made of plastic and rigid foam. A 65 long air hose connects it to any stand-up bike pump. After a few pumps, the air pressure bursts a replaceable booster disc in the launcher and ... more info

By EstesOverview:The Estes Solar Flare is a great way to try your hand at two-stage model rockets. The Solar Flare can be flown as a two-stage or a single-stage rocket and features great lines and interesting ring fins. The Solar Flarefeatures laser cut ... more info

This is a 1:150th scale model of the rocket that launched the Shenzhou spacecraft. Shenzhou is the name of the spacecraft that carried China's first astronauts into earth orbit in 2005. This kit features plastic nose cones and fins, and does NOT require a ... more info

This is the Sstron Skydart II Model Rocket Kit from Estes. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision for Those Under 12. Skill Level 3 Rocket Kit. FEATURES: Flies up to 500ft (152m) Amazing glider flights Laser cut wood fins Parachute and glider ... more info

PERSHING TACTICAL BATTLEFIELD MISSILE Sometimes called Pershing 1A (same missile, with a different carrying vehicle), Pershing was a neat two stage fire unit. First stage was a Thiokol TX-174 with an average thrust of 26,290 lbs. (for 38.3 seconds), fol ... more info

The 1st in a new series. Sure to be a collector's item. Insert an engine, twist on the fin unit (also serves as the lock ring), attach the shock cord to the nose cone and you are ready for launch. A couple of minutes of your time and you are on the flying ... more info

ESTES 9710 Prowler PSII Launch Set ... more info

EST3016 Long Tom Model Rocket Kit by Estes A sleek 2-stage sport rocket standing over 33 inches tall, the Long Tom is one mighty impressive rocket. This rocket can be flown as a single stage or 2-stage and can reach heights of 1100 amazing feet. The Long ... more info

With all pre-colored parts, no painting is necessary and makes for the Black Diamond to be a quick builder. Standing over 26 inches tall, and powered by standard engines, this rocket can reach 500 feet. A great addition to your fleet. Recommended Engines ... more info

Very minor assembly is required. Simply insert the fins into the fin slots and you are ready for blast off. The Shooting Star launches on standard engines and can easily soar over 700 feet. Recommended Engines: B4-4, B6-4 (First Flight), C6-5 Estes model ... more info

EST1593 1/2A6-2 Rocket Engine, Set of three by Estes 1/2A6-2 Rocket Engines. Ships USPS only and cannot be shipped outside the contiguous US. ... more info

Estes Eliminator XL Launch Set (2)RTF - Ready to Fly1400 feet! Yes, 1400 feet is how high this rocket will go when powered on an E9-8 engine! That's way up there!Assembled for you, you just have to twist the sections together. Which means the Eliminator X ... more info

Sharpen you building skills before tackling this one. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser. D, E and E Composite Engine powered. One awesome rocket. Standing 40.5 inches tall, this is one impressive rocket on the launch pad and in the air. Sharpen your buildin ... more info

EST1108 Galaxy Gold Crayon Model Rocket Estes FEATURES- Flies up to 550 feet (168m)- 18in parachute recovery- Plastic fins- Decals already applied - Skill level - Ready to Fly- Length 19.8in (50.3cm)- Diameter 1.64in (42mm)- Weight 2.8oz (79.4g)- Recovery ... more info

NIKE HERCULES MIM-14B MISSILE INTERCEPTOR MISSILE(USA) Successor to the NIKE AJAX, the much-improved NIKE HERCULES first became operational in the U.S. in 1958. Its HIPAR (High Power Acquisition Radar) tracking system enabled it to intercept and de ... more info

One soda bottle water rocket launcher prefabricated parts kit with adjustable trigger mechanism, launch pad, and instructions for assembly and launching. Launcher ships completely unassembled with easy to follow instructions. Launcher will enable you to p ... more info

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