Top 20 Best Selling Miter Saw Blades (2021)

The DEWALT DW3106P5 saw blade combination pack contains a 10-inch DW3106 60-tooth fine-finish blade and a DW3103 32-tooth general purpose saw blade. Perfect for miter saw and slide miter saw jobs with softwood, hardwood, chipboard, and plywood, these slim ... more info

FREUD SAW BLADE 10 60T Fine finish Super thin laser cut kerf Red Perma-Shield coated Laser cut stabilizer vents Laser cut heat expansion slots Clamshell ... more info

FREUD ULTRA FINE SAW BLADES * 10 * 80 Teeth * 5/8 arbor * Ultra finish cut * Super thin laser cut kerf * Red Perma-Shield coated * Laser cut stabilizer vents * Laser cut heat expansion slots ... more info

FREUD PERMA SHIELD SAW BLADE * 12. * 80 Teeth. * 1 round arbor. * For fine finish cuts. * Super thin laser cut kerf. * Red Perma-Shield coated. * Laser cut stabilizer vents. * Micro grain titanium carbide. * Laser cut stabilizersion slots. * Cu ... more info

This flat tooth rip blade gives new life to underpowered table saws and radial-arm saws because the thin kerf does not require much horsepower. The red Perma-Shield coating helps this 10 blade pull 1/3 less on the saw, which translates into over 33 more c ... more info

The New and Innovative GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw delivers durable precision, compact workspace, and unmatched smoothness of cut! This saw features the Axial-Glide system which operates by folding the articulated arm flush with the back of the saw, saving up ... more info

Hitachi 998862 60-Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped 8-1/2-Inch ATB Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor ... more info

DEWALT's 12-Inch Precision Trim Crosscutting Blade features extra-strong micro-fiber carbide teeth that stay sharp and reduce splintering. This crosscutting blade also features dampening slots around the body to help reduce vibration and increase accuracy ... more info

Includes 10-in 80T Fine Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade - A-93681 ... more info

2582-1265 Features: -Table saw/slide miter blade.-Great for non-ferrous/plastic work.-Super thin laser cut kerf.-Perms-SHIELD庐 non-stick coating.-Laser cut heat expansion slots.-Tri-metal shock resistant brazing.-TiCo庐 Hi-density Carbide blade.-12,000 max ... more info

Maintain maximum stability for the best cut with a Forrest Chopmaster Saw Blade. Specially designed for sliding compound miter and radial-arm saws, grabbing and throwing of scrap cutoffs has been minimized with this design. This blade has a heavier than n ... more info

IRWIN Tools 14070 Marathon Miter and Table Carbide Saw Blade, 10, 40-Teeth, 5/8 Arbor, has #400 grit diamond ground teeth which cuts to a smooth finish so touch-up sanding is all that is needed after a cut. This Irwin Marathon saw blade is designed with a ... more info

Compatible with the following models: DW703 Type 1 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw , DW703 Type 3 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw , DW704 Type 1 12 Inch Miter Saw , DW704 Type 2 12 inch Miter Saw , DW704 Type 3 12 inch Miter Saw , DW704 Type 4 12 inch Miter Saw , D ... more info

Forrest's blades offer a superior cut that leaves a rip-cut saw edge that is as smooth as if it had been sanded, and a cross-cut edge that is almost mark-free. The blades run very quietly, and backside tearout in plywood is negligible. Each blade is virtu ... more info

585-11270 Features: -Fully hardened plate runs truer longer.-Precision ground teeth for smooth accurate cuts.-Heavy gauge high carbon steel for extended life.-Fully flattened plate for fast accurate cuts.-Universal arbor.-Grind: Top/Face.-Type: Circular S ... more info

Industrial-quality planer blades. Specific for Delta 12.5 Planer TP305 ... more info

593-14104 Features: -Twin plate.-Cutting Diam: 14 in.-Applicable Materials: Most Metals.-Cutting Edge Material: Carbide.-Speed: 1300 rpm [Max].-Type: Circular Saw.-Quantity: 1 per pack.-Price is for 1 Each. ... more info

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