Top 20 Best Selling Microscopes (2021) Reviews

Top rated microscopes from trusted brands – Carson Optical, Celestron, Veho, GSI, eScope, ViTiny, Leica, Variscope etc.

The MM-200 MicroMax LED from Carson Optical is a powerful 60-100x power Magnification Pocket Microscope with an extremely lightweight and portable design. This Pocket Microscope features a built-in LED light that provides a bright, clear image and a rubbe ... more info

Handheld digital microscope. 10x to 40x & 150x digital power. 1.3 amp digital camera for snapshots and video LED illuminator Powered by USB 2.0 cable. ... more info

An intermediate level biological microscope with advanced features. The electric illuminator provides direct control of light. The Abbe condenser and Iris diaphragm are supplied to concentrate and adjust the illumination. A mechanical stage is standard eq ... more info

Handy desktop 400x magnifying USB Microscope ... more info

A wide assortment of specimen slides covering insect parts, plant parts, animal parts, etc. ... more info

Digital biological microscope. View with 3.5 LCD screen, 40x to 400x Power and up to 1600x with 4x digital zoom, built-in 2mp digital camera, 128 MB internal memory, SD card slot, top and bottom LED illumination, mechanical stage, AC power cord, carrying ... more info

This season discover the Micro world with this newest innovation from GSI. This product was designed by our World-Class Micro experts to capture and display the tiniest miniscule objects in 200 times magnified viewing. Connect to your computer with USB ca ... more info

MicroMax MM-100 60-100x Lighted Microscope ... more info

eScope 500x Digital Microscope with Metal Stand provides 500x all optical magnification and easily connects to your computer. View the microscopic world right on your computer screen; you will be amazed what is out there. The Deluxe Edition features a chr ... more info

44412 Features: -Prepared microscope slides. -Wide assortment of specimen slides covering insect parts, plant parts, animal parts, etc. -Prepared slides for hours and hours of enjoyment and discovery. -1'' x 3'' (25 mm x 76 mm) Glass slides. -Packed in ... more info

44421 Features: -Digital microscope imager. -Color: Black. -View and / or capture snapshot images or video with your computer. -Adapts to virtually any type of microscope. -2 Mega pixel sensor resolution with USB 2.0 cable attached. -Imager replaces the ... more info

Connect UM03 to your computer (PC) with USB cable included, and view the small details of any area you choose on your computer screen! UM03 is the lightest USB digital microscope with 2M pixels CMOS image sensor, and provides 320x magnification on a 22 mo ... more info

Biological microscope with digital camera for viewing or imaging. 40x to 600x Power, 10x to 20x zoom eyepiece, objectives - 4x, 15x, 30x, top and bottom electric illumination, 3 prepared slides. ... more info

With the LCD Digital Microscope, you can explore and record the microscopic world in brilliant high definition. This optical innovation replaces traditional eyepieces with a high-definition 3-1/2-sq. LCD screen that the entire family can view together. In ... more info

A very economical entry-level biological microscope that includes many standard features (like a condenser and diaphragm) not found on many microscopes in this price category. The monocular head adjusts from 0掳 to 60掳 for comfortable viewing. ... more info

44202 Features: -Advanced stereo microscope. -Color: White. -20x Power and 40x power stereo. -Binocular head 360 rotatable. -Set of 10x wide field eyepieces. -2x and 4x Objective lenses. -Fully coated glass optics, five prepared slides. -Top and bottom ... more info

Crisp, sharp stereo images and three-direction reflected light options offer a wide variety for viewing specimens. Rugged cast-aluminum design stands up to years of heavy use while encased optics are protected from dust, dirt, and tampering. ... more info

This is a brand new, factory sealed, Variscope Series 8621 microscope. The Variscope microscope family of optical instruments is made by one of the largest private label optical component fabricators in the world. Included with the quadruple nosepiece a ... more info

A great beginner level biological microscope with advanced features. The electric illuminator provides direct control of light. A mechanical stage is standard equipment with knobs controlling both axes for easy centering of specimen slides. ... more info

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