Top 20 Best Selling Microscope Sample Slides Science Education (2021)

A set of 15 slides for the study of Microbial Organism: * Bacteria 3 types, smear * Saccharomyces, smear * Chlamydomonas, w.m. * Penicillium, w.m. * Volvox, w.m. * Spirogyra, w.m. * Aspergillus, w.m. * Paramecium, w.m. * ... more info

Frey Scientific Lieder's prepared human lung cancer microscope slide is made in Germany under rigorous scientific controls. Quality histologically fixed materials are used for each slide. The application of special staining techniques guarantees a clear, ... more info

The ETA hand2mind (12046) Elementary Microscope has 100X, 300X, and 600X magnifications, and is suitable for classroom use in grades K-6 (ages 5-12). This cordless microscope has a mirror and battery-operated lamp (requires 4 AA batteries, sold separatel ... more info

Rinzl unbreakable clear vinyl cover slip measures 22-millimeters length by 22-millimeters width by 0.007-inches thickness. ... more info

Delta Education glass microscope slide. An excellent slide for student use. Clean, flat surfaces with ground edges suitable for most laboratory applications. Measures 3-inches length by 1-inches width. Frosted slides (#193-7454) shown. Warning: Choking Ha ... more info

Examples of the common dust mite Dermatophagoides. Whole Mount microscope slide. ... more info

Students can easily make their own slides from specimens they find. Material placed in the viewing well of these specially constructed slides is easily viewed with compound microscopes, stereomicroscopes, overhead projectors, microvideo systems, and even ... more info

Stunning quality mitosis slide set clearly showing 5 stages of mitosis. ... more info

Premiere Brand 25pc Capacity Slide Storage Box are made with sturdy ABS plastic box with our exclusive self locking lid holds up to 25 slides and has cork lined bottom. Index paper in lid corresponds with embossed numerals on bottom of box. Designed to st ... more info

Unit consists of a microscope slide of Onion root tip showing all stages of mitosis and a self-study card featuring labeled color photpmicrographs and descriptive text. ... more info

Our Dicot Stems microscope slides are of the highest quality. ... more info

Carolina™ Microscope SlidesTop QualityAffordableBacked by expert technical supportFor over 70 years our mission has been to provide educators with top-quality microscope slides for botany, zoology, histology, embryology, parasitology, genetics, and pathol ... more info

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