Top 20 Best Selling Microscope Accessories (2021)

Microscope slides pack of 72 pieces + box of 100 cover slips Slides: 72 pcs Clear glass Ground edges 1x3 (25.4x76.2mm) 1mm-1.2mm thick Cover glass: 100 pcs 22 x 22 mm 0.13-0.17 mm thick ... more info

Durable and rugged, the 16x50 Coleman Signature All Terrain Binoculars are ideal for use in all outdoor activities. Coleman Signature All Terrain Binoculars are completely resistant to mother nature's harshest conditions and are guaranteed to give you the ... more info

This is a professional 4 x 6 microscope and camera lens optical cleaning paper booklet . It has 100 sheets each booklet. The lens cleaning paper can be used to clean lenses and other glass objects without scratching the surface. The lens cleaning paper is ... more info

Each slide is made of glass with ground edges. The slides are 1mm in thickness and are 3 Inch long and 1 inch wide. The slides come with a wooden box to keep them safe. Use these slides to explore specimens from human tissues, plant matter, insects and mo ... more info

Included in our Advanced Level AA Kit are the following items: 50 Hole Test Tube/ Culture Tube Rack, 8 Assorted Poly Culture Tubes, 3 - 12x75mm and 3 13x100mm Glass Test Tubes, 100 Cavity Slide Box, 72 Microscope Slides, 100 Cover Glass 18x18mm, ... more info

If you left you house without your glasses - Don't Worry - You now have a 5x glass magnifier around your neck. Unlimited uses in home or office or while you are shopping. Great for Hobby, Jewelry Making, Fine detail work, reading small print on menu or in ... more info

If working distance and high magnification are what you need, Dino-Lite's Rigid Versatile Stand is the ideal choice. The MS35B tabletop stand offers 8 inches of vertical working space along with precise vertical adjustment of the focus block. This is crit ... more info

A fine, soft, silk-like paper. Does not collect dust or become greasy. Highly recommended for cleaning microscope slides, optical instruments such as microscope objectives, and other lenses. 100 4 x 6 sheets per book ... more info

Globe Scientific's plain microscope slides are available in 3 styles: ground edge, ground edge with safety corners, and beveled edge with clipped corners. ... more info

Simple Stain: A simple stain consists of a solution of a single dye. Some of the most commonly used dyes are methylene blue, basic fuchsin, and crystal violet. Simple stains allow one to distinguish the shape (morphology) of the bacteria. For example, E. ... more info

The Dino-Lite offers stylish and affordable choices of hands free Microscope Articulating desktop stands. These convenient and versatile stands are compatible with almost Dino-Lite hand held microscopes and provide for a steadier image when required. ... more info

Beckman Coulter Hemoccult Single Slides ... more info

High Quality Microscope Slide Making Set Includes everything you will need to make professional microscope slides. Including 72 Clear Glass Slides, 100 Coverslips & a 25 Cavity Slide Box. Also has methylene blue stain, basic red stain, poly mountant and s ... more info

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