Top 20 Best Selling Microscope Accessories Microscopes & Equipment (2022)

Microscope slides pack of 72 pieces + box of 100 cover slips Slides: 72 pcs Clear glass Ground edges 1x3 (25.4x76.2mm) 1mm-1.2mm thick Cover glass: 100 pcs 22 x 22 mm 0.13-0.17 mm thick ... more info

This is a 25-piece very nice microscope prepared slide set of various plants, insects and/or animal tissues. The slides are coverslipped and preserved in cedar wood oil. They are premium, accurately stained and machine cleaned slides that will give a shar ... more info

This biological microscope comes with an LED illumination system that can be powered by either batteries or wall power supply . It is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is portable and can be taken out to field sites. It comes ... more info

Clear. Size 1 x 3 x 1.0-1.2 mm thick; 16 mm diameter; .50 mm depth. Pack of 6 slides. ... more info

This high power biological compound microscope comes with coarse and fine focusing and offers four levels of magnification power: 40X, 100X, 400X and 1000X. It is good microscope for students to learn science or vets to check animal sperms and fasces. It ... more info

Ready to use out of the box, with no preparation or cleaning required. Ground smooth edges provide a smooth finish to reduce the likelihood of injury. Cost effective economy grade glass, suitable for most general applications. Made of clear glass and n ... more info

How to clean Microscopes Immersion Oil? If you are using a 100X objective with immersion oil, just simply swipe the excess oil off the lens with a kimwipe after use. Occasionally dust may build up on the lightly oiled surface so if you wish to complete ... more info

Slide boxes are perfect for storage or transportation of standard size slides. Molded, rigid boxes securely hold slides in grooved slots. Keep boxes safely on the benchtop during use or stack boxes for long-term storage. Each box is secured with a rust-re ... more info

This microscope with a digital imager (digital camera) is designed for students to learn science, offering five magnification settings, 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X and 1000X. It comes with a 640x480 pixel USB2.0 imager, full optical glass elements, all metal fr ... more info

Made of high quality soda-lime glass, these microscope slides are plain, with ground edges and 90 degree corners. Ideal for use in the diagnosis and investigation of all types of specimens, slides have undergone an automatic cleaning process, which makes ... more info

This is a 100-piece very nice prepared microscope slide set of biology. The prepared slides we offer are professionally hand mounted, accurately stained, and individually labeled. Our microscope slides are great for students of all ages, from home-schoole ... more info

Grades K - 6. Set contains 12 slides with a total of 48 specimens including pollens/spores, textiles, insects, tiny creatures, animals, and plants. ... more info

The T490B features a unique simul-focal optical system with an adjustable trinocular port to enable well-focused clear images on your PC or video screen while simultaneously obtaining sharp, focused images through the eyepieces. Most trinocular microscope ... more info

This forward binocular pillar-stand stereo microscope comes with a 640x480 pixel USB digital camera. It has three magnification power settings, 20X-40X-80X, and a versatile illumination system that provides both incident (top) lighting and transmitted (bo ... more info

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