Top 20 Best Selling Metric Inserts & Kits Thread Repair Kits (2022)

4755 Features: -Oil/water separator.-Eliminates water buildup in air line.-Traps water vapor to maximize air tool performance and extend tool life.-Air pressure: 150 PSI.-Air inlet: 0.25 NPT.-Air outlet: 0.25 NPT.--2 H x 3.75 W x 6.5 D, 0.25 lbs. ... more info

PACTOOL INTERNATIONAL SIDING GAUGES Used to install primed or pre-painted cement-board siding without lines on wall; gauges and supports siding for one person installation with virtually no layout time. Tool has a friction cam mechanism for holding p ... more info

The Shop Fox Premium black anti vibration pad is made from top quality neoprene rubber work pad is indispensable for routing, sanding, protecting tools, lining drawers, dampening vibration, and more! This pad lasts 10 times as long as the cheap woven pads ... more info

FEATURES聽Features::聽1聽Emergency signal whistle:聽2聽8 X power lens:聽3聽Compass:聽4聽Magnesium alloy fire starter:聽5聽2.00 in. serrated AUS 8A steel blade:聽6聽Tweezer:聽7聽Toothpick:聽8聽Hole for lanyard attachment:聽9ATTRIBUTES聽Special Features:聽Serrated Blade Magnes ... more info

TEKTON 5552 1200-Lb. Hand Winch (Cable) features: 1200-Lb. Pulling Capacity, Zinc Plated Heavy Gauge Steel Construction, Smooth-Action, Single Speed Ratcheting Crank with 4:1 Gear Ratio Generates Extra Pulling Power with Less Effort, Ideal for Trailering/ ... more info

UL listed. Compact size fits easily into pocket or pouch. Bright LED indicates cable status (good-open-short). Simple push-button operation. Batteries included. ... more info

Features & Benefits : Sensitive, reliable and easy to operate Fast response time Redundant visual and audible alarms Auto-calibrating Malfunction and low battery alerts Specifications : Range: 0 to 100% LELSampling: Natural diffusion Operating Temperature ... more info

The Panasonic TXNSS1SDUU SS Board Component Repair Kit includes all necessary components to repair common failures on the SS Board. Symptoms include will not turn on and power LED blinking 8 times. Kit also includes 5 new Panasonic screws, from OEM screw ... more info

Helicoil Metric Coarse Thread Repair Kit includes inserts, complete instructions, Heli-Coil tap and installation tool. It is made from high quality material and is extremely long lasting. This metric coarse thread repair kit is used for repairing tapped h ... more info

Whatever your fishing need, Greenlee has the tool. Greenlee Fishing tools get the job done faster, safer, and easier. Designed specifically for pushing and pulling wires over long distances. Push or pull wires over suspended ceilings, under sub-floors or ... more info

Description: You'll get Four (4) new x27.168 stepper motors. To repair up to 4 malfunctioning gauges. One new soldering iron. The soldering iron input is 110V/AC,very easy to use One new solder sucker (desolder pump) A foot of soldering wire Kester br ... more info

Perma-Coil helically coiled inserts are made of stainless steel wire that has been rolled to a carefully controlled thread form. When installed, Perma-Coil inserts adjust to a tapped hole, becoming a functional thread with a strength exceeding the origina ... more info

The #72 tool is used for plastic pipe and tubing and is made of high-grade steel with specially-designed, long-lasting cutting edges. ... more info

Domino Tenons, compatible with the Domino DF 500 Joining System, Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set and Domino DF 500 Joining System. ... more info

Heavy Duty Flex Shaft, for use with bench grinders/buffers with a motor arbor attachment, drill presses, electric drills with stationary cradles, and more. Features a 1/4 key-less chuck, 56 shaft. Max RPM 10,000. ... more info

Helicoil Inch Coarse Thread Repair Kit includes inserts, detailed instructions, Heli-Coil tap and installation tool. It is made from high quality material and is extremely long lasting. This inch coarse thread repair kit is used for repairing tapped holes ... more info

TIME-SERT is a sophisticated thread repair system that is considered by many to be superior to any other method of repairing stripped or damaged threads. TIME-SERTis a solid bushing insert. This facilitates easy installation and allows for full torque to ... more info

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