Top 20 Best Selling Men’s Interest Adult Magazines (2021)

Editorial Reviews Who Reads Playboy? Provocative and informative, Playboy is America’s best-selling men’s magazine. Playboy is read by more than 10.3 million people in the U.S. – of which two million are women. The magazine is primarily aimed at men in ... more info

Be among the first to see the incredible changes we've made to Penthouse. We're more colorful and vibrant than ever and pulsate with excitement. We are the world's premier Men's lifestyle magazine featuring exclusive interviews, sports, cars, audio, video ... more info

Along with explicit pictures, we publish dozens of letters from readers that uninhibitedly reveal their most shocking secrets and recount every steamy detail of their hottest sexual adventures. ... more info

SMOOTH Girl is a visual feast, presenting an amazing portfolio of sharp, colorful portraits of gorgeous females from around the globe. Hailed as the Official Magazine of the World s Most Beautiful Women, it regularly features today s most popular music ... more info

From the sensual to the exotic, Penthouse Variations presents the erotic tales of real-life couples, featuring red-hot stories, exciting reader letters and revealing interviews. ... more info

Each issue of Forum is packed with information and advice that will make you a better lover, along with the best erotica you'll find anywhere and plenty of explicit letters. ... more info

German edition of PLAYBOY. ... more info

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