Top 20 Best Selling Media Additives Life Science & Microbiology Supplies (2022)

Reagent Grade. Will not dissolve in cold water; does not support the growth of bacteria. Synonym: Agar agar; CAS: 9002-18-0; Health Risk: 0; Flammability: 1; Reactivity: 0. ... more info

ACS Grade. May be insoluble in water or alcohol. Formula: (C6H10O5)n; CAS No.: 9005-25-8; Characteristic: White powder; Health Risk: 0; Flammability: 1; Reactivity: 0. ... more info

Used to prepare he classical hay infusion or for use with wheat seed as a medium for protozoa. ... more info

These protozoan pellets are used to culture paramecia and other protozoa. Add pellets to distilled water or springwater. This is an order for a unit of 25 pellets. ... more info

Hydrion Buffer Capsules are perfect for quick and easy pH meter calibration. When mixed with distilled or de-ionized water, a Hydrion Buffer Capsule will accurately produce 100 ml. of solution at pH 7.00. Hydrion Buffers are free flowing soluble powders t ... more info

CAS: 9000-92-4Health Risk: 1Flammability: 1Reactivity: 0Notes: 1 脳 NF; 1 g digests 50 g starch in less than 30 min ... more info

Sterile-Water Tubes. ... more info

Formula: SiO2Formula Wt.: 60.09CAS: 14808-60-7Health Risk: 1Flammability: 0Reactivity: 0Synonym: Silicon dioxide ... more info

Reagent Grade. Some may be insoluble in water or alcohol. Formula: (C6H10O5)n; CAS: 9005-25-8; Health Risk: 0; Flammability: 1; Reactivity: 0. ... more info

The unique design of this instrument means that it not only weighs suspended objects but also, using the extended rod, can measure the force pushing or pulling an object. The device is colored-coded, calibrated in grams and newtons, and has a clear, flat ... more info

Required for the successful subculturing of Caenorhabditis elegans N2 (item# 173500). Each bottle contains 135 mL of medium, enough to pour about 5 petri dishes. Order Escherichia coli (item# 155068) as the feeder host. ... more info

Derived from a bovine source and freeze-dried (lyophilized) to maintain its biological activity, Ox Bile is a suitable supplement to the liver鈥檚 production of bile.* Bile is naturally produced by the body and is used in the process of digestion. Symptoms ... more info

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