Top 20 Best Selling Mechanical & Wind-Up Clocks Alarm Clocks (2019)

You can always count on the alarm waking you up on time by using a Westclox Ardmore Twin Bell keywound alarm clock in your bedroom. This traditional brass finish Twin Bell design alarm clock is fully mechanical and only requires winding every 36 hours. ... more info

This retro twin bell alarm clock looks like a classic keywind, but it is actually a battery operated clock. The features include a lighted dial on demand, a repeating snooze, and either a bell or beep alarm sound. ... more info

This key wind alarm clock will take you back to the good old days. This is also perfect for the green customer, as it uses no electricity or batteries. ... more info

Keywound travel alarm. Bell alarm. Textured outer case. Luminous hands. ... more info

All metal construction with a 2-jewelled movement. Spring wound mechanical brass movement, made in Europe. Mechanism features solid brass plates, brass gears, and steel shafts and pivots. Loud alarm bells. Offset seconds and alarm dials. Easy-to-read Ar ... more info

Betty Boop, Polka Dot Alarm Clock. This is little clock is sure to wake any Betty fan. The Beeper Alarm takes 1 AA Battery, not included. MEASURES 5 Wide X 7 Tall. Perfect gift for the Betty Boop fan! ... more info

This twin bell alarm clock features a photo of a rooster and plays crowing sounds when the alarm sounds off. Measures 7 by 3-Inch. The Silly collection consists of funny, hilarious and affordable gift items for young and trendy people. ... more info

Wind up, key wound alarm clock with a loud super bell alarm. No batteries or electricity required. Great for hearing impaired or people with loss of hearing. ... more info

Specifications: * Nightlight Function so that you could see the clock at night clearly * All mute scanning movement, will not disturb the family rest. No scale, sleep better at night. * Loud Hammer Two Bell Alarm * Convenient for carrying outdoor activiti ... more info

Mechanical brass movement, made in Europe • Mechanism features solid brass plates, brass gears, and steel shafts and pivots • Soft ticking noise. This clock is not for the light sleeper who requires complete silence. • Loud alarm bells • Offset second ... more info

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