Top 20 Best Selling Meat & Carving Forks Carving Knives & Forks (2020)

Bear Paws are like an extension of your own hands. Made from hard, durable plastic, they are perfect for lifting hot food items from the pan to the platter. Securely holds food while carving. Perfect as a meat shredding tool. ... more info

Make fast and easy work of pulled pork sandwiches, chicken tacos, beef BBQ and many other delicious shredded meat dishes. This pair of 6-prong hand tools leaves the old method of using two forks in the dust! Plus, they're great for any kitchen task where ... more info

The Kassa Meat Claws are made from only high quality and long lasting materials. This is the best tool to use to shred your meat, or lift it off your grill or out of your oven. The Kassa Meat Claws are Heat Resistant to 450°F / 250°C. They are also ... more info

Choose your tools wisely and you’ll be a happy cook. OXO's Nylon Fork is perfect for turning sausages or meatballs in a pan. Or try it for holding meat and poultry steady for slicing. All Nylon Tools are constructed of heat-resistant nylon that does the j ... more info

These heavy duty, stainless steel meat claws are designed for handling larger pieces of meat such as roasts, turkeys, chickens, and hams. Use the claws to shred a smoked pork butt into pulled pork in a matter of minutes. ... more info

Make easy work of transferring a turkey or other large roast from the oven to the platter with this pair of RSVP Endurance stainless steel turkey lifters. Each lifter features a long sturdy handle for a solid grip while the sharp 5 1/4 prongs easily pie ... more info

iBarBQ(TM) SHREDMASTER will turn you into the instant professional. Tired of using kitchen forks? The ergonomic design universally fit anyone and truly makes shredding a breeze. The tough material design does not transfer heat to your hands and clean-u ... more info

Top Reasons The Alsing Meat Claws Are A MUST HAVE For Your BBQ and Kitchen! #1. Fastest and Easiest Way to Turn Smoked Pork into Pulled Pork: Makes shredding BBQ smoked pork shoulder or pork butts into pulled pork significantly faster, safer, and easier ... more info

Along with popularity of non-stick cookware comes a need for these non-scratch utensils. Amco's Nylon & Stainless Steel Utensils were specifically created for use with non-stick cookware. Each utensil features a heavy-duty 18/8 stainless steel handle co ... more info

Ginsu 14-piece knife set with wood block. View larger. Mercer Cutlery For those who take cooking seriously and believe food preparation should be faster, easier, and more comfortable, the choice is Mercer. Mercer's brands feature exceptional quality ... more info

River Country®, one of your most trusted and respected manufacturers of Grill and Smoker Thermometers, is proud to bring you the Gator Claws, truly the finest, well designed and most versatile kitchen and grill hand tool around today. The Gator Claws ar ... more info

Let's get right to the point: Our unique, nylon-tipped prongs give you sure stabbing ability and are safe for non-stick cookware. Designed with the hard, durable nylon core exposed at the tips, our Fork is ideal for piercing meat and vegetables as well as ... more info

Serve your Calphalon masterpiece with our serving tools. Made of durable nylon, they are efficient and look great! This fork is safe for nonstick cookware. ... more info

The ergonomic grip of this fork makes it great for stirring in both pots and pans. GastroMax incredibly useful utensils are made of food approved plastic. They are perfectly suitable for non stick surfaces and always has a clever design. The utensils can ... more info

This two-tine elite pot fork has been made from heavy gauge stainless steel that is highly durable and highly attractive. On top of its strong material, this fork has one-piece construction that only strengths its durability. It has also been given a mirr ... more info

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