Top 20 Best Selling Math Software (2021)

Memorizing multiplication tables is an essential part of elementary education. A student who has mastered multiplication gains a solid foundation for achievement in mathematics throughout high school and beyond. Math Games Multiplication software is desig ... more info

Journey into a mind-bending puzzle-packed epic adventure. Not long ago, the Zoombinis enjoyed the good life. Tragically, they misplaced their trust in diabolical Bloats, who take over Zoombini Isle. Lead the Zoombinis on a dangerous quest to a new utop ... more info

Find the clues that lead to the capture ofDr. XProduct InformationUse your 5th Grade problem-solving skills to stop the villainous Dr. X fromdestroying the City!聽 Pack extreme fun and exciting adventure into learningwhile you search out the clues unlock s ... more info

Use your 4th Grade problem-solving skills to unearth the secrets of the lost treasure map! Pack extreme fun and exciting adventure into learning as you find clues in caves, unlock hidden tunnels, and solve the mystery. ... more info

You and Botley the Robot are just in the nick of time! Travel into the past to find 25 rascally robots before they alter history forever. Use all your brainpower on Mystery Mountain to foil Polly Spark and her time-meddling ruffians! ... more info

Platform:聽聽WINDOWS 2000/XP/VISTA聽Publisher:聽聽KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE聽Packaging:聽聽JEWEL CASE聽Rating:聽聽AGES: 6-8聽The adventure starts in a creaky elevator hidden in the schoolhouse wall. Follow CJ the Frog and his sidekick Edison on a journey into their secret ... more info

Use real world math skills to earn money for arcade games! Catch the bus, subway or ferry to travel the city and tackle fun math challenges in the stores of Spectacle City. Build addition, subtraction, fractions and problem solving skills while constructi ... more info

Catch the bus, subway, or ferry to travel the city and tackle fun math challenges in the stores of Spectacle City. Build addition, subtraction, geometry, and problem solving skills while constructing a skyscraper, sorting toys at the toy store, counting t ... more info

Set in the exotic land of Agrabah, kids are off on a thrilling journey where math is the key to completing their adventure. With help and encouragement from Genie, lago, Aladdin and the gang, kids navigate through 18 challenging activities that build addi ... more info

Save Spectacle City by disrupting Randall Underling's plan to drive all the stores out of business and take over the city. Solve real-world math challenges in the uniquely entertaining stores and make theme successful again. ... more info

Academic Fitness Math Bootcamp for Grades 1-8 from Weekly Reader is the latest way to ensure your knowledge is in tip-top shape. The program is comprised of the tools necessary for improvement in school: interactive computer software, video lessons, print ... more info

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