Top 20 Best Selling Matcha Bowls & Whisks Tea Accessories (2021)

DoMatcha Handcrafted Japanese Matcha Bowl is the black tea bowl, with its more open shape, would traditionally be used in the summer. This bowls can be used both for Matcha preparation and as drinking bowls. ... more info

Making frothy matcha for the Japanese tea ceremony with this Bamboo tea whisk, this Bamboo Matcha Whisk was Split from one piece Bamboo. ... more info

This tea set is perfect for practicing the ancient art of the Japanese tea ceremony. The Japanese tea ceremony is a ritual rooted in Zen Buddhism in which Matcha is prepared and served to guests in a calm and tranquil environment. In Japan, the host perfo ... more info

Matcha, the Japanese ceremony tea used since the 12th century, is frothed with a whisk into a jade green tea liquour. The special white clay used to make this bowl is lightweight for ease of use during the tea ceremony. ... more info

Bamboo Match Wisk effortlessly froths up your match. Makes match tea smooth by breaking up any potential clumping. ... more info

Mud Pie ceramic butter dish has scalloped edge with bead detail and knife decal. Comes tied with knife that reads NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH BUTTER. ... more info

Plastic Box included to protect the Chasaen Whisk. How to Use the Chasen Whisk Holding the Chasen Whisk in three fingers, use a brisk, short left-to-right motion to whisk the tea in order to blend the powder. Try not to let water splash out. Continue un ... more info

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