Top 20 Best Selling Masonry Hammers (2021)

Estwing prospector pick has a flat sharp face that is used for splitting rock. The point end is used to delve into structure. Several sizes available. ... more info

Brand new 20 oz. Rock Pick Hammer. This heavy, well balanced hammer has a rubberized hammer for a comfortable grip. This hammer is made of a single-Piece of drop forged metal. ... more info

E30 Style: Head Wgt:22 oz, Len.:12 1/2 (part# E30) Rock Pick (Pointed Tip) Rock Pick (Pointed Tip) Long Handle This item features: -Shock reduction cushion grip. -Laminated leather grip. -Handle Type: Straight. -Head Material: Steel. -Handle Material: St ... more info

STANLEY BRICKLAYERS HAMMER Stanley is proud of its reputation for excellence. They are dedicated to continually testing, designing and improving their products to ensure quality and maximum function. Maintaining their standing of being the world's best at ... more info

Introducing the 3RILL from Rockwell, a cordless drill that does it all AND it comes with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT BATTERY program. The 3RILL is an impact driver, two-speed drill, and screwdriver-three awesome tools in one! Never before has a tool of this si ... more info

Estwing's first and finest solid steel hammers are unsurpassed in quality, balance and finish. Forged one piece tool steel - strongest construction known. Fully polished head and handle neck. All with Estwing's exclusive New Shock Reduction Grip (up to 50 ... more info

Estwing's 10-inch plastic gold pan is rust proof, chemical resistant and light weight. Grooved to hold gold. ... more info

Now you can paint right over rust to get a distinctive hammered metal appearance with the same great rust-preventative qualities as the Stops Rust finishes. This finish hides flaws and imperfections, requires minimal surface preparation, is ideal for scra ... more info

The perfect tool for all geological and paleo digs! Handle measures 25 long and the head is 14 from pointed edge to chisel edge. Other features include a durable powder-coated finish and a textured vinyl grip. ... more info

RUST-OLEUM HAMMERED PAINT *Quart *Rust preventative *Brush directly over rust *Hides imperfections *Bulk *Black ... more info

This kit has all the basic items need by a starting rockhound or geologist. They're all top of the line tools that any geologist or rockhound will be happy to wear around their peers. Geologist and rockhounds choose the Estwing Supreme 22oz Pointed Tip Ro ... more info

AJC Mag-HatchTM Magnetic Faced Roofing Hatchet Product# 005-MH For fast application of felt cap and roofing nails. Powerful, shielded neodymium magnet located in striking face. Sliding Gauge. Built-in utility blade and handy nail claw. Patent Pending. ... more info

The Valley Soft-Touch Chisel Edge Rock Hammer, sometimes called a Paleontologist's Hammer or Fossil Hammer, has a 20 ounce head and is constructed of one piece drop forged steel with continuous forging grain flow from head to shaft. The rubber grip is fin ... more info

RUST-OLEUM STOPS RUST HAMMERED PAINT Quart Copper Hammered finish that hides flaws and imperfections in scratched, rusted and pitted metal with minimal surface preparation. Rust preventative brush paint Designed to be applied right over rust No primer nee ... more info

Chisel edge rock hammers are typically used when you want to split layers of rock apart when looking for fossils. ... more info

The Estwing Leather Griped 13 oz Light Weight Pointed Tip Rock Hammer is easiestly described as an Estwing Leather Gripped 22 oz Pointed Tip Rock Hammer (E-30) that has been trimmed down to reduce weight. The rock pick is similar is overall size to the Es ... more info

VAUGHAN & BUSHNELL BRICK HAMMER 24 OZ Brick Hammer Highly Polished Striking Head, Sides & Blade Square Flat Face With Beveled Edges Select, Flame-Treated Handle, Double Wedged & Epoxy Sealed ... more info

Estwing's fireside friend splitting tool is forged in one piece. The handle length and weight give leverage and power for easy wood splitting. ... more info

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