Top 20 Best Selling Marker Parts & Upgrades Replacement Parts (2019)

These are high quality, polyurethane tank o-rings for use with paintball CO2, HPA/Nitro tanks. Polyurethane as a material is much more abrasion resistant than black buna-nitrile which is often sold as tank o-rings. Buna o-rings nick and tear when screwe ... more info

This will fit on BT-4 paintball guns. It turns your BT-4 into an electronic gun which will increase your firepower out on the field. Firing modes: Semi-Auto Ramping 13 bps Ramping 10 bps Full-Auto 10 bps Full-Auto 13 bps ... more info

The BT BT-4 Spring Kit includes 5 different springs for your BT4 marker. Two springs are harder than the stock springs - One spring is the same as stock - Two springs are softer than the stock springs. ... more info

The ball latch is a part of the Tippmann marker that prevents paintballs from rolling out of the barrel before being fired. If you are having an issue where balls are rolling out of your barrel when you aim the marker downward, it means that you need to ... more info

The Empire 9 Volt Conversion Kit easily converts the Prophecy, Magna and Halo loaders power source from AA batteries to 9 Volt batteries. ... more info

Player Set of Orings for all 98's, all A5's, all X7 non Phenom, all FT-12's, all Gryphons, all Triumphs, all US Army, and all Cyclone Feeds. Includes (in order of size): Safety Oring x 6 Cylinder Reset Oring x 3 Gas Line Oring [Gryphon] x 6 Gas Line Oring ... more info

Get Virtue's advanced eye technology for your Ego/Etek/Geo/Etha. Customize your gun with an easy-to-install upgrade that adds enhanced technology, improves reliability and increases the battery life of your gun. Virtue Laser Eye emitter draws less power t ... more info

Rebuild kits that include all the orings you'd need to rebuild your DLX Luxe several times over. Don't get stuck at your next tournament without at least one rebuild set... don't say we didn't warn you.Brand: DLX Technologies ... more info

Black Stamped Steel Standard Handguard Cap Fits standard style handguards in Carbine, Mid or Rifle Length ... more info

6 POSITION DURABLE CAR STOCK FOR TIPPMANN MODEL 98 AND BT PAINTBALL MARKERS. One of the best upgrades for any weekend warrior with a 98 AND BT MARKERS. Designed from military grade polymer.A must have item for any scenario player. ... more info

Description This is the stock Ball Latch that fits All 98 Custom, Model 98, Custom Pro, All A5, All X7 paintball guns. Part number FA-18 on the Gun Schematic. ... more info

Genuine factory replacement LCD Electronic 2k2 board for the Bob Long Intimidator. This is NOT an upgrade board but a stock replacement board. Fits all 2k2 and 2k3 Timmys including the LaSoya, Dragon, ECX, Texas Storm, etc. This board only has the stock f ... more info

Get your hands on the hottest, most reliable Dye Matrix switches around! Guaranteed to never fail, Virtue membrane pads are an affordable way to customize and improve your gun.Virtue Switches have been tested and approved by the best teams in the NXL, PSP ... more info

Fits Dye DM8 - DM12, Proto Reflex, and Proto Rail 2011Detents Secured to Eye PipeDesigned for Durability and Easy MaintenanceCompatible with DM8 - DM11 markersThe new 2009 self-contained detent system gives you long lasting reliability, and piece of mind ... more info

Dye original Factory replacement part. Replacement battery harness for the Proto Rail (PMR), PM5 and PM6 without the UL Frame. This will also fit the DM4/5/C with out UL frame. ... more info

The Valken V-TAC SW-1 M4/M16 Magazine allows you to grip your marker under the barrel and store your tools and spare parts in the removable mock-magazine. ... more info

Factory Replacement Part.Fits Spyder Models that require a spring guide.Does not fit models that have built in spring guide velocity adjuster. ... more info

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