Top 20 Best Selling Marinaters Basters & Marinaters (2021)

Butterball's 2-ounce marinade injector is made of quality stainless steel for many years of use. Feel comfortable using any type of seasonings and spices with our injector to help make your meats the best flavors possible. ... more info

Ensure a moist and succulent roast with this baster, complete with injector needle for infusing flavor right into the meat. You don't have to worry about melting your baster with hot cooking juices either, thanks to its stainless steel composition. Scrub ... more info

This Vacuum Marinater performs full marination in 10 minutes and tenderizes the meat. Larger pump extracts air faster. ... more info

If you really want to inject great flavor into your meats, this is the way to do it. The GrillPro Marinade Injector is for injecting flavor and marinades into meat. This allows you to penetrate deep into a meat for a flavor and spice that you can taste al ... more info

Stop wasting money on plastic marinade syringes that break as soon as the going gets tough.This injector is made of solid stainless steel that will be flavoring and tenderizing your roasted or grilled meats for many years to come. Made of Heavy Duty Sta ... more info

Merite's Seasoning/Marinade Injector Merite's Seasoning Injector is excellent choice for making your everyday meat experience and an amazing one. Our injector allows you to cook your meats with the right taste and marinade that they need. It i ... more info

This is the original seasoning and marinade injector that started it all! Instant flavoring, no waiting! This 2 Oz professional grade deluxe seasoning and marinade injector is ready to turn your meats into flavorful mouth-watering creations. Included in t ... more info

The Magnum Meat Injector Complete Kit is for those who want all the tools and accessories needed to inject a piece of meat. If you need to get some extra flavor (or a special kind of flavor) deep into your meat, you will have to go beyond rubs and marinat ... more info

Not All Seasoning Injectors Are Created Equal Do not mistake this for just another decent injector.Most seasoning injectors tend to break or bend easily. Some leak, get clogged with thicker marinades or they struggle penetrating tough meats. Cuisavour ... more info

Get Flavor in a hurry with Outset's Marinade injector. Pull up 2 ounces of your favorite marinade and inject into whatever you are cooking. The sharp stainless steel blade makes piercing easy, and just depress plunger to infuse food with a marinade. Ad ... more info

For the last couple of years I have been working an idea... How can I make my food better and how can I make my food prep faster. So after thinking about it and tons of research I developed Chop's Power Injection System! It was such a great product I pat ... more info

Are You Ready To Transform Your Cooking?Use This High Quality Meat Injector For A Brilliant Result Every Time - Guaranteed!Have you spent time & money on buying & cooking meat, only to be disappointed when it lacks tenderness & taste?If you've tried other ... more info

Professional marinade/flavor injector with measure marks. 7 tsp./35ml capacity. Specially designed holes on 2 sides of the heavy duty needle dispenses the marinade evenly, exactly where you want it. Needle is nickle plated copper. Measures 8.5-Inch/21.5cm ... more info

Inject your meets with flavor and tenderize them at the same time with the handy new Chef's Planet Flavor Enhancer. This unique little gadget features stainless steel blades and 3 flavor needles in the same unit so you can tenderize and marinate at the sa ... more info

If you need to get some extra flavor (or a special kind of flavor) deep into your meat, you will have to go beyond rubs and marinating. The SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector GunTM is the ultimate injector that will penetrate up to 5.5 inches. A patented di ... more info

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