Top 20 Best Selling Male Tapered Knobs (2022)

Thick, heavy-duty washer with both faces held flat and parallel. Made in USA. ... more info

Small Parts has teamed with DimcoGray, the industry leader in the design and manufacture of molded plastic knobs and handles, to provide the widest variety of components for virtually any application. DimcoGray's singular focus on the design and applicat ... more info

Economical hoist ring with a low profile and high load capacity. Forged base and solid-loop forged ring. Pivots a full 180 degrees, but does not rotate. Safety factor = 5:1. Made in USA. ... more info

Attractive design suitable for many applications, including control levers and push/pull rods. Choice of two materials: (1) phenolic plastic, our most popular, with a hard smooth shiny finish; (2) cushion-grip plastic, a unique material that feels soft to ... more info

Multipurpose lock nut for finger tightening. Made in USA. ... more info

Heavy lock nut that can be tightened by hand or with an extension rod (1/4 or 6mm diameter). Large contact surface. Made in USA. ... more info

The original safety-engineered hoist ring. Pivots 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees simultaneously to allow lifting from any direction. Safety factor = 5:1. Black oxide finish is standard, with cadmium plating available as a special. ... more info

Multipurpose lock nut for finger tightening. Made in USA. ... more info

Hand Retractable Plunger, Thread Diameter 3/8-16 Inch, Material Steel, Knurled Head ... more info

Lifting Eyes are forged steel eyebolts with an integral shoulder for greater strength. These simple, economical lifting devices are suitable for vertical lifting in-line with the threaded bolt, such as when lifting from a single point or from two points w ... more info

Handy tool to speed up installation of Ball Plungers or Spring Plungers. Much better than using a screwdriver on the ball/nose end, because the clearance hole in the center prevents over-compressing the plunger's internal spring. Made in USA. ... more info

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