Top 20 Best Selling Magnifiers Low Vision Aids (2020)

The PO-55 MiniBrite Pocket Magnifier from Carson Optical is a compact 5x power slide-out Magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. The PO-55 is a more powerful version of our popular PO-25 .The PO-55 comes equipped with a built-in bright LED light. The ... more info

The LM-20 DeskBrite 200 from Carson is a 2x LED Magnifier Desk Lamp with a 5x power spot lens. The DeskBrite 200 Magnifier Desk Lamp features two super-bright LED lights, while its large 4 crystal-clear acrylic lens provides a large viewing area for any h ... more info

The MJ-50 LED Lighted MagniFold from Carson represents the latest in Handheld Magnifier design. Its rectangular lens is shaped for the way you naturally view things, and a rotating handle locks into any of three different positions for the most comfortabl ... more info

It can be used for close inspection of items like circuit boards, hallmarks, stamps, coin collectors, hobbyists and collectors of antiques; Lens Size: 1.8cm in diameter; Total Size: ~13(L) x 4.4(W) x 2.5(H)cm. ... more info

The MagniVisor Deluxe from the Carson Optical Pro Series is a hands-free, head-worn magnifier with 4 different removable lenses; 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x. Once clipped onto the head-set, the lenses can extend up to about an 85 degree angle if they are not ne ... more info

A basic, durable viewing device, the HU-20 BigEye from Carson has an over-sized, five-inch lens, yet is still lightweight thanks to a high quality, clear acrylic lens.At Carson, we strive to make sure our customers are 100 Percent satisfied with the quali ... more info

The LL-10 LumiLoupe from Carson Optical is a 10x power stand Magnifier that makes the ordinary extraordinary. This Magnifier reveals details you've never seen before in things you look at every day. Pre-focused dual lenses allow examination of objects clo ... more info

If durability is what you need, Carson’s SG-10 SureGrip Magnifying Glass is what you’re looking for. Reasonably priced, it’s equipped with a 2X magnifier and 10X, high power spot lens for close up inspection. The SureGrip rubberized handle is ergonomicall ... more info

Large size and easy to use magnifier for home, business, library, recreation or craft. ... more info

This large and easy to use magnifier is perfect for home, business, library, recreation, craft, travel or anything else that requires a closer look. ... more info

A 3x magnifier with a rubberized handle, tucked in an acetate gift box. Unfold the handle and give the rubberized portion a light tug to reveal the battery compartment. Insert one AAA battery, replace the handle and slide the ridged button up to illuminat ... more info

Premium quality, ideal for the watch or jewelry making industry Extremely powerful Jeweler's Loupe of 40 times magnification Lens loupe made of optical glass Switch on/ off for bright white LED light You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest ... more info

The Donegan OptiVISOR is a hands-free, headband binocular magnifier that has optical glass lenses that are ground and polished into prismatic lenses for quality and clarity, and is available in multiple dioptric strengths (indicated by the number in th ... more info

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