Top 20 Best Selling Magic Kits & Accessories Novelty & Gag Toys Toys (2021)

This kit comes with 150 stars in a galaxy of sizes. A star chart is included, so you can create classic constellations or make your own astronomical arrangements on your walls or ceiling. ... more info

Deluxe Magic Set Components Deluxe Magic Set In Use See confidence magically appear The 10 illusions and magic tricks in this set are classics鈥攁ny child who has seen a magician perform will likely recognize at least one or two, and be thrilled by the cha ... more info

Spectacular Magic Show with Table Packaging Instructional DVD and Performance Table Are Every Magician's Dream Children absolutely love magic of all sorts. Did you know that children interested in learning and performing magic develop the same skills o ... more info

Drinking Bird. A rather dumb looking 6 bird with a felt covered head and has plastic feet. Worse, he cannot get his fill of water. You buy the drinks. Fluid inside condenses from the evaporative cooling of the water off the bird's beak, making it top heav ... more info

Use the Magic pen to color in the picture, and see vibrant colors, details, and patterns appear! Each page of the kids' activity book features a lively princess-themed artwork to complete and a seek-and-find activity, too. Makes a great travel toy. ... more info

The POOF-Slinky 0C486BL Ideal My First Magic Set is perfect for beginner magicians who are new to the art of magic. Filled with over (20) easy-to-learn tricks and high quality props, this set will teach children to perform the same tricks as professional ... more info

Abracadabra! Presto Change-o! Shazamm! Look like a real magician with this plastic magic wand. Made of plastic it's the perfect accessory for a magic act or accessory for a costume. ... more info

Designed by Magic Makers, Inc. & printed by US Playing Co. The Scorpion Deck is a two toned black and yellow poker deck, the first of its kind! This deck features yellow and white pips. Beyond the 52 standard cards, this deck holds 4 extra gaff cards su ... more info

A wildly popular trick! This is a seemingly impromptu miracle. The magician displays a quarter, and then takes a bite out of it! The spectators actually see teeth marks in the quarter. A piece of the coin is missing, apparently in the magician's mouth. T ... more info

A pen is thrust through a spectators dollar bill, yet no damage is done. No switch necessary. Borrow a twenty (or fifty, or hundred) dollar bill from a friend - just for a moment, you tell him. Now stick a pointy pen straight through the middle of it! Now ... more info

Cool, cool waterWhen she's overcome with an avalanche of thirst, carry along this Frozen Water Bottle. A pretty purple blossom forms the cap of this aluminum canteen that's great for active adventurers on-the-go.- Anna, Elsa, and Olaf screen art- Lightwei ... more info

NOTE: You will receive one Magic Balancing Bird at this price; color will be selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability. Orders of multiple units will receive multiple colors. Collect them both! ... more info

A red and blue hanky is shown. With one motion of the arm it turns yellow and green. A staple in the magic industry. Anyone can do it! Approx. 17 long. ... more info

Pustefix means soap bubbles in German and these Pustefix bubbles are hands down the best on the market. Dr. Rolf Hein Nachfolger KG is the long name of a small company in Tbingen (Baden-Wrttemberg) that is best known by the brand name of its sole product: ... more info

Show a dime and penny to your spectators. The dime then magically disappears right before their eyes! Great effect and easy to learn! Includes step-by-step instructions and bang ring. WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. ... more info

Thread must be separated into individual strands before use. ... more info

Manufactured by Close-Up Specialist Yigal Mesika in Israel is LOOPS! These invisible thread loops are strong enough to move objects and stretch to ten inches without breaking. These Loops are worn on your wrist all day, without snagging or breaking. ... more info

Twinkle, twinkle little stars... Colorful stars in orange, blue, pink, green, and white colors are splashed with glitter to create a colorful, twinkle effect when you turn out your lights! A miniature Big Bang explosion can now be displayed on your ceil ... more info

The POOF-Slinky 0C470 Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Set is the ultimate set for the aspiring magician. Filled with over (100) easy-to-learn tricks and high quality props, this set will teach children to perform the same tricks as professional mag ... more info

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