Top 20 Best Selling Lutes Stringed Instruments (2021)

Lorenzino del Liuto was one of the most famous and accomplished virtuosi of the lute, as well as a composer who strongly influenced Italian and foreign lute literature. Anthologies of his work circulated throughout the cities of Europe for many years afte ... more info

This lute is so beautiful with nicely crafted inlays and sounds amazing with the solid spruce top! ... more info

The rosewood travel lute has a body made of eleven solid rosewood staves, a rosewood neck and rosewood fingerboard. The peg box is solid rosewood attached at an angle of 135 degrees to reduce the depth of the instrument.聽聽The tuning pegs and end pin are r ... more info

Robert Barto' recordings for Naxos of the lute music of Silvius Leopold Weiss have been acclaimed as 'the most eloquent of them all, and this comprehensive series is a tribute to his skill and involvement' . On this tenth volume he presents two sonatas ... more info

Vivaldi's music, delightfully witty and full of pathos by turns, needs no garrulous guide, nor does its composer need to be defended from the absurd charge that he wrote the same concerto six hundred times. It is true that Vivaldi's music is sometimes ext ... more info

A must-have for every performing musician! Provides easy access for extra picks while you are performing or practicing! ... more info

The pipa (Chinese: 鐞电惗; pinyin: p铆p谩) is a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument, belonging to the plucked category of instruments (寮规嫧涔愬櫒/褰堟挜妯傚櫒). Sometimes called the Chinese lute, the instrument has a pear-shaped wooden body with a varying number of fret ... more info

Throughout history lutes have typically had gut strings. Lute strings today, however, are nylon made with high precision instruments. The rectified nylon strings in the Roosebeck set are known for their warmer tone and lightly textured feel. The silverpla ... more info

This 8 course lute features a bowl constructed of 25 scalloped staves and a peg box with lace work. The scale length is 600 mm.Materials: The neck, bowl, nut, bridge, and end pin are rosewood. The peg box is rosewood and lacewood. The soundboard is spruce ... more info

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