Top 20 Best Selling Looms & Accessories Wires Performance Parts (2021)

Spectre鈥檚 Pro Wire Separators are designed to keep ignition wires organized and away from each other preventing possible cross firing and will not work loose from vibrations. They have a black finish and fit 7-9mm wires ... more info

Moroso's Super Looms wire looms can help you keep your engine bay looking neat and orderly as well as prevent ignition crossfire by keeping the plug wires spaced apart. These looms place your spark plug wires safely out of the way of hot headers or exhaus ... more info

For racing or street use where extreme high temperatures cause normal materials to sag or melt. Includes two (2) 4-wire separators, two (2) 3-wire separators and two (2) two-wire separators. ... more info

These MSD Pro-Clamp wire separators keep your spark plug wires neatly organized and away from damaging engine heat sources. Each base has a hole for a retaining screw and a tab to hold it into position. Fits 7-9 mm plug wire size. MSD Ignition warrants ... more info

Speed By Spectre, The 400mph company. Rooted in racing, we design and build every product with the same goal in mind; the best performance in the market... proven on the racetrack! All Speed By Spectre products are designed to perform as good as they look ... more info

This blue deluxe wire loom kit is designed to eliminate crossfiring and prevent heat damage to ignition wires, while giving them a neat and custom look. The loom can be attached to the valve cover while the wire separator is placed into the ignition wires ... more info

Spectre鈥檚 Split Loom Convoluted Tubing is designed to organize and dress up engine compartments. With a pre-split design for easy installation the split loom tubing covers and protects wires, small hoses and even small metal lines. Designed to perform as ... more info

Moroso's universal wire looms keep your spark plug wires where they belong. They'll prevent burning wires with headers or exhaust manifolds, keep your engine neat and orderly, and prevent crossfire by keeping the wires spaced apart. They feature chrome pl ... more info

Taylor Cable Prod 42460 Chrm Plt/Blue V8 Wire Loom ... more info

This competition wire loom is designed for competition and eliminates cross firing by keeping the ignition wires insulated from the steel supports and sufficiently separated from each other. Each plastic divider clips to chrome-plated steel brackets which ... more info

Ignition wire loom kitFits small block Chevrolet V8 with centerbolt valve covers.Color: Black, 7-8mmIncludes two right-side and two left-side chrome plated brackets mount to engine, two 4-hole wire looms, six 2-hole looms, two 4-hole wire separators and t ... more info

This wire loom kit includes wire retainers supports and retainers. These neat looking and inexpensive looms are used on late model 454 trucks. The kit includes one LH support , one RH support, three retainers 4-wire, two retainers 3-wire, two retainers 2- ... more info

Ignition Wire LoomFits 1959-1986, small block Chevrolet V8Be sure exhaust manifolds or headers do not protude above the valve cover flange.Sold in pairs ... more info

Mr. Gasket Flexible Tubing and Strap Kits include six reusable 4 inch length nylon tie straps. They are designed to protect wiring from heat and abrasion. These kits feature slits for easy wire insertion and removable. ... more info

Ignition wire loom kitFits small block Ford V8sColor: Black, 7-8mmKit includes: three 4-hole wire looms, one 3-hole wire loom, one 2-hole wire loom, one 1-hole wire loom, two 4-hole wire separators, one 3-hole wire separator, one 2-hole wire separator and ... more info

Top quality, custom spark plug wire looms that resemble 50 caliber bullets. Made to organize your spark plug wires and give your engine a unique look. Spark plug wire looms look great on any hot rod, rat rod, import, boat, sand rail, or custom car. They a ... more info

Mallory Wiring Harnesses are used to transmit signals and handle heavy loads. These harnesses provide protection from vibrations, abrasion and from the effects of water. They can be installed easily and require very low maintenance. ... more info

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