Top 20 Best Selling Light Sources Lab Instruments & Equipment (2022)

The Aven 26505-LED Mighty Vue magnifying lamp with 80 high-powered LED lights (40 on each side) has a large (7.5 x 6.2 inches [H x W]), clear, 3-diopter glass lens with 1.75X magnification, and a 32-inch, adjustable arm with a mounting clamp. This magnif ... more info

Lock Down Bolt Diameter: 3/4 (200 Series) | Body No.: 200 | F: 5.00 | G: 2.87 | H: 3.00 | I: .312 | J: 1.750 | K: 2.215 | L: .687 | M: 3/4 | N: 30° | O: .331 | P: 5/16 | Q: 2.562 | R: 1.437 ... more info

Handheld UV Lamps (6 watts) are uniquely designed with an ergonomically designed handle. Select from longwave, midrange, shortwave or combination longwave and shortwave in the same lamp. ... more info

A hand-held UV light that is used to detect hydrolysis of the fluorescent substrate and fluorescent Artemia and Daphnia after their ingestion. Also useful for observing fluorescence in Green (gfp) and Blue (bfp) fluorescent proteins. ... more info

Premium hardened & all ground body for extended tool life. | Thread of Drawbar End: R8- 7/16 -20 | No.: ER-20 ... more info

PL Series lamps includes the lightweight, compact UV Lamps (4 watt lamps) which fit comfortably in the hand. ... more info

Used in motion studies in classrooms, physics and Q.C. labs. Convenient for non-contact measurement of running machinery in factories and elsewhere since, unlike tachometers, stroboscopes require no special reflective tapes. Powerful xenon lamp. The ½” hi ... more info

The new Omano dual gooseneck 3W LED microscope light provides excellent value with a focused spotlight and the convenience of a small footprint. The light fits easily on to a desk top and with with two 45cm gooseneck light guides, can be angled to suit yo ... more info

Electrolysis nickel coating | Premium hardened & all ground body for extended tool life. | Thread of Drawbar End: R8- 7/16 -20 | Arbor Taper to Chuck: R8 to JT2 ... more info

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