Top 20 Best Selling Light & Photometers Meters (2022)

The model H100 is an ideal meter for measuring light levels in both lux and foot-candle units of measure. Light meters are used to measure the amount of light at a specific location. The meter's wide measuring range allows it to be used in many applicatio ... more info

Auto-ranging, 0 to 20,000 lux. User selectable lux/foot-candles. Min/max and data hold function. Auto shut off and zero adjustment button. Over range and low battery indication. Range: 0 to 20,000 lux; 0 to 2,000 Fc. Resolution: 1, 10 lux; 0.1, 1 Fc. Accu ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 83200 multiparameter bench photometer for laboratories measures water quality for 44 parameters, has an LCD screen, automatic shutoff, on-screen instructions and a USB port for computer and printer connectivity. The meter turns o ... more info

View larger EasyView Big Digit Light Meter The EA31 measures up to 20,000 foot-candles and 20,000 lux in four ranges with 卤3 percent accuracy. This light meter features a compact and rugged design with a large display and analog bargraph to view trends ... more info

The Lightmeter Model CA811 is portable, easy-to-use instruments which feature optical sensors that are designed to match the response of the human eye, making them ideal instruments for workspace analysis and planning. The ergonomically designed case, lar ... more info

The longwave version of the 11SC-1. All properties are identical except the quartz tube is sheathed with a blue filter to absorb visible light, increasing the lighted length to 2.25 (57.2mm) and broadening the outside diameter to 0.375 (9.5mm). The princi ... more info

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS) introduces a new photometer using a patented method and technologies that offer faster, safer, easier, and more precise water testing. The eXact Chlorine Plus provide direct read capabilities for High Range Free Chlorin ... more info

Milwaukee Mi411 Free and Total Chlorine Calorimeter/pH Photometer 192mm Length x 104mm Width x 52mm Height, 0.00 - 5.00 mg/L / 5.0 - 9.0 pH, 0.01 mg/L / 0.1 pH Resolution, LCD Display makes calculations easy. ... more info

View larger EasyView Big Digit Light Meter with Memory This compact and ruggedly designed meter has a wide measurement range to 99,990 Foot Candles in five ranges and 999,990 Lux in five ranges with 0.001 Fc/0.01 Lux resolution. Comes with built-in sta ... more info

With the ever increasing depletion of fish stocks in the open seas, aquaculture has gained prominence and can prove essential to our future dietary needs. Monitoring and controlling parameters such as the oxygen level as well as pH and nitrate content in ... more info

Portable UV Lamps (six watts) are lightweight, durable plastic lamps, excellent for field use. Lamps are available with longwave, shortwave or split-tube longwave/shortwave combination. ... more info

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