Top 20 Best Selling Lifters Engine Parts Performance Parts (2020)

Federal-Mogul Sealed Power Engine Valve Lifter HT-2148 ... more info

Developed by one of the top NASCAR engine builders, this innovative tool precisely grooves the lifter bore to ensure the pressure fed oil is directly injected into the contact area between lifter and camshaft. This increased oiling significantly reduces w ... more info

COMP Cams Solid/Mechanical Lifters are manufactured using the tightest tolerances in the industry to ensure peak performance in all applications. The crown of the lifter is ground to a precise radius for proper break-in and optimum durability, which guara ... more info

Crane Cams 0.842 inch Diameter Retrofit Hydraulic Roller Lifter for Chevrolet V8 Engine, (Set of 16) includes a number of key features found in the Ultra-Pro racing rollers. They have been taken by the engineering and manufacturing teams at Crane Cams and ... more info

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