Top 20 Best Selling Leak Detection Tools Air Conditioning Tools & Equipment (2021)

Interdynamics ACPRO Air Conditioning High and Low Service Valve Leak Repair Kit will stop refrigerant leaks at the service valves. Fits all air conditioners and comes with replacement caps with O rings, valve cores, and a valve core tool for removal and i ... more info

Interdynamics oil and fuel system UV leak detection dye is for use in engine oil, transmissions, power steering systems, and gas/diesel fuel systems to help determine where there might be a leak. ... more info

Mastercool Universal Master Valve Core Kit is designed to service valve cores without losing the systems charge. This remover or installer kit makes removal or insertion much easier especially on the larger R-134A valve cores. The kit features a locking d ... more info

405002, Nucalgon A/C Easyseal 2+1 Display Pack, Nu-Calgon Wholesaler, Inc. ... more info

Mastercool Oil Injector is designed to add oil by allowing vacuum to pull it in after evacuation process or refrigerant to push it in using the recharge process. It features a rugged all metal 2 oz canister and is backed by a 1 year warranty on material a ... more info

The Infrared refrigerant leak detector uses an advanced infrared sensor designed to last a minimum of 10 years and has three sensitivity levels down to 0.15 ounce / year. Automatically recalibrates in highly contaminated areas to help pinpoint the exact l ... more info

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