Top 20 Best Selling Law Government & Policy Magazines (2021)

The preeminent journal of foreign policy and international affairs, has provided government and business leaders, students, and the general public with insightful, thought-provoking analysis on world events for over 80 years. Before it becomes policy, it ... more info

Committed to the publication of articles and editorials that promote peaceful solutions to international disputes, the attainment of economic justice, and the protection of individual rights. ... more info

An influential and witty journal of public opinion featuring investigative reporting, comprehensive book reviews, and informed analysis of current political and cultural affairs. ... more info

General interest, focusing on national security, foreign relations, and topics of contemporary interest. ... more info

Founded in 1993, the Brown Journal of World Affairs is a nonprofit, semi-annual publication produced at Brown University. It responds to the need for a clear, incisive, & dynamic examination of contemporary international issues. The journal provides a f ... more info

To provide a fresh, young, and different look at the world of socialist politics and movements. The goal is to build communication and information between those who share the ideal of a democratic society where the decisions are made by all rather than t ... more info

The Harvard Political Review is America s preeminent undergraduate journal of politics and policy. Founded by Al Gore in 1969, it features student analysis on issues of societal import and is known for its interviews with political luminaries, including B ... more info

Articles and news on foreign policy and current affairs by and for the diplomats. ... more info

Incorporates the television game show format into a classroom setting to encourage participation and interest in current events. Questions are derived from recent stories reported in national news forums and also include general knowledge questions based ... more info

Information on public service exams and job vacancies, when jobs are filled, test answers, eligible lists, personnel department actions, pension, social security, health insurance issues, and etc in New York City ... more info

Covers politics, international affairs, literature and the arts. ... more info

Contains intellectual conservatism. ... more info

This publications was started originally to circulate exclusively to senior government, defense, intelligence and industry officials in more than 170 countries worldwide. It includes information on strategic policy and defense & foreign affairs. ... more info

Serves the information needs of those involved in the gaming and liquor industry in Alberta, Canada. Provides rules, regulations and standard definitions to utilize for industrial purposes such as lottery, tourism, and licensing issues. ... more info

Covers foreign and defense policy issues aimed specifically at American and international policy makers. ... more info

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