Top 20 Best Selling Lanterns Coleman (2020)

Built for outdoor use, so it's perfect for camping, hunting, and other activity, the Coleman 4D Rugged Personal Size Lantern sheds 140 lumens of light on the High setting. Sporting a 7-watt fluorescent twin U-tube for a brighter, whiter light, the lantern ... more info

Coleman Outdoor Multi-purpose Lantern Stand 2000009307 ... more info

Lantern, M.L., 2-Mantle (Folding Foot Base) ... more info

With its fully adjustable light output and rust-resistant ventilator, the Coleman 2-Mantle Dual Fuel Powerhouse Lantern is a welcome companion in the great outdoors. Superior Coleman mantles provide maximum light output, and the legendary Coleman craftsma ... more info

The Coleman Lantern Hanger lets you easily hang any bail-handle lantern securely from a tree, post, or limb. Just wrap the chain around and hang your lantern from the included hanger for hands-free lighting in seconds, wherever you are. ... more info

The famous Coleman lantern quality, with the versatility of Dual Fuel engineering -- the Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern will run on 1.3 pints of clean-burning Coleman Fuel, or unleaded gasoline! A single full tank provides 14 hours of burn time on Low, ... more info

The Coleman 8D Retro Family-Size Lantern is Coleman's brightest family-sized battery lantern, shedding an impressive 395 lumens of light on High. On a single set of 8 D-cell batteries (not included), the Family-Size Lantern will run for up to 30 hours on ... more info

The Coleman NorthStar PerfectFlow InstaStart Propane Lantern harnesses Coleman quality and engineering for a super-bright, easy-to-use lantern. The NorthStar sheds an impressive 1,543 lumens of light, running for up to 9.25 hours on Low and 4.3 hours on H ... more info

Protect your Coleman liquid-fuel lantern during storage and transport with this hard-shell carry case. The Case fits Coleman lantern models 222, 222A, 222B, 226, 229 and 3022. The rugged, durable housing helps keep your lantern safe. ... more info

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