Top 20 Best Selling Language & Literature Slavic, Baltic & Albanian Languages Magazines (2021)

Linguistics and literary criticism are its subjects with special devotion to comparative linguistics of Slovak and other Slavic languages. ... more info

A Russian-language publication featuring scenarios, prose and stories about international movie stars. ... more info

A Belorussian-language journal devoted to literature ... more info

Contains studies of Slovak philologists. Attention is paid to the problem of special terminology, its normalization and application in practice. ... more info

A Ukrainian-language publication devoted to literature, art and sociopolitical affairs. Features prose, poetry, politics and public affairs, art and humor. ... more info

A Russian-language journal for amateur writers and poets publishing short stories, poems, and translations often accompanied with critique, as well as expert analysis of works by Russian classical authors. ... more info

A Russian-language, literary publication featuring national culture, modern prose, poetry and journalistic writings. ... more info

Magazine for higher school teachers, philologists and broad public interested in linguistics, studies of literature and culture. ... more info

Deals with problems of Czech and of language culture in general. Contains articles on the structure of Czech language, on its stylistic variants, and on the norm and codification of the standard literary language. ... more info

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