Top 20 Best Selling Lab Tongs Lab Utensils (2022)

The American Educational 7-G12 Stoddard-type test tube clamp is used to clamp test tubes for safe handling. The Stoddard-type clamp has a spring-action self-closing mechanism to ensure a safe hold with the correct pressure. Nickel-plated steel wire constr ... more info

Ajax Scientific crucible tong. For handling or manipulating hot crucibles and similar apparatus. Corrugated tips for easy handling. Riveted joint. Finger openings are large enough for firm grip. Can be autoclaved or flame sterilized. 200-millimeters lengt ... more info

The medium Dura-Clamp庐 tubing flow valve is polypropylene and easily operated with one hand. It will not rust or corrode. Accepts tubing OD between 1/8 inch and 1/2 inch. Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.5 x 0.75 x 1 inch. Dynalon庐 #: 670755. ... more info

Large 6.5 long, spring action self closing, rectangular jaws. Provided with finger grips for secure grip. Thick plated steel wire construction. ... more info

Acetal Plastic Tubing Clamps will not distort, rust, or corrode. Maxi clamp has 12-position ratchet control from full open to complete closure. For tubing up to 19mm (3/4) O.D. 6 per bag. ... more info

Metal flask tong with curved ends. Made of stainless steel, with protection for a secure socket. 200mm Overall length. ... more info

Utility Specimen Tongs. Steel, nickel plated. For general laboratory use, for picking and carrying objects. 210 mm long. ... more info

Crucible Tongs, Nickel Plated 10 length ... more info

EISCO Safety Flask Tongs - Stainless Steel, Cork Lined Jaws(1) Set of tongsStainless steel flask tongs with cork lined jaws. Fits flasks of any shape from 100-2000ml. The overall length is 30cm. ... more info

For use on 50 to 1500mL size beakers. These tongs feature a flat riveted joint and are manufactured from 1/4 (6mm) diameter wire. Plated steel with Plastisol-coated jaws. ... more info

Test Tube Clamp, Stainless Steel with Finger Grips, 6 Length(1) Test tube clampThese are individually packaged stainless steel test tube clamps that withstand corrosion. ... more info

Burette Clamp, Single, High Strength Alloy Jaws(1) Burette ClampThis burette clamp has high strength alloy jaws suitable for all burettes up to 100mL. ... more info

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