Top 20 Best Selling Lab Samplers Lab Utensils (2022)

Unit holds approximately 3 oz. per foot. Supplied with three 5’ sections of 3/4” plastic pipe with screw type fittings. Enables easy visual inspection of sludge level. Check valve has a pin extending below unit to enable easy draining or sampling of liqui ... more info

Need a mini Flathead screwdriver to repair your glass lenses for your loupes or sunglasses. We have the perfect tool just for you! With this mini screwdriver you will reach all those challenging spots that seem to be just to small for a regular size screw ... more info

Collects a full one liter first flush grab sample into a 1000mL NALGENE HDPE sample bottle within the first minutes of storm water outfall flow. Floating ball valve automatically closes off sample port after bottle is full to prevent comingling with later ... more info

These Rose Safety frames are an excellent “out-of-the-box” solution for your loupe to improve your visual performance and reduce eye fatigue for those with 20/20 vision. Eyestrain, visual stress and dry eyes can be caused by extended periods of digital sc ... more info

Polypropylene cup fits Scienceware Economy Dippers (367840016 and 367850016) and has threaded fittings that screw onto the handle. Two pouring spouts make it useful for left or right handed people to pour from either side. Capacity: 16oz. ... more info

For proper sampling of powders, pellets and other friable materials which may become non-homogeneous in bags, this three zone sampler is invaluable. Made of 1.9 cm (¾) diameter anodized aluminum with a sharp stainless steel point; it has three ports 7.6 c ... more info

Storm water sampler mounting kit contains an UV stabilized high-density polyethylene tube a 24 inch steel stake a stainless steel worm clamp and lanyard nylon rivets a polyester screen a wire hanger and a carabiner-style snap. Mounting tube can be positio ... more info

Lamotte Soil Sampling Tube Easy-to-use Easy-to-clean Galvanized-steel Sampling Tube ... more info

The all polyethylene and polypropylene construction is designed for hard, long-term use in the field. All parts including the spigot can be disassembled for thorough cleaning. Water and sediment samples typically are gathered in 472ml or 946ml (1 pint or ... more info

The design of our chest and lid simplify packing and unloading. Insulated mailers with white box and cold packs in a convenient starter kit. Safely accommodates small bottles, samples or mail order shipments. Light weight, durable, excellent insulating pr ... more info

For convenient sampling from tanks, vats, streams, ponds, lakes, etc., these economy dippers are lightweight, easy to use and portable. The polypropylene cups have threaded fittings that screw onto the handle. Two pouring spouts make it useful for left or ... more info

End of sampler swings, allowing collection of sample from a horizontal flowing stream, such as a sewer. Snapper attachments (sold below) are durable plastic and hold sampling bottles securely. ... more info

Cubitainer, translucent, LDPE, certified with cap. Sturdy, collapsible Cubitainers are light weight, and compact when empty. Excellent for transporting to remote sampling sites. I-Chem certified to meet the EPA's performance based specifications for metal ... more info

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