Top 20 Best Selling Lab Knives & Scalpels Lab Utensils (2022)

Specifically designed to reduce injury and disease from contaminated blades. Protective sheath covers the blade to safeguard against accidental cuts. Microcoated庐 edge reduces drag and lessens tissue trauma. Designed for use in a wide variety of medical s ... more info

Model - L: All Metal Tap Knife. A lightweight compact all steel slide cutter. Ideal for supermarkets, shipping rooms, moving and storage and for use as an advertising premium. The inexpensive blade can be reversed or changed in seconds. Uses Tach-It ... more info

100 Scalpel Blades # 10 with Free Handle # 3 ... more info

Medicut Scalpels Disposable For guaranteed sharpness and exacting performance Sterile Individually foil packaged Sheffield stainless steel blade Sheffield stainless steel blade Gamma Sterilized ... more info

Medicut Disposable Scalpels, Sterile #15Images for display purposes only. Actual product may vary. ... more info

SEOH Scalpel Handles- #3 - Fits 10 Thru 15 ... more info

Features of the Dynarex Disposable Scalpels: Size #11. Sterile; individual peel-open foil pouch. Sheffield stainless steel blade. Disposable scalpels for maximum safety, efficiency, and economy. The product referenced on this detail page is sold be 10/bx. ... more info

100 Scalpel Blades # 11 Carbon Steel with Free Handle ... more info

100 Scalpel Blades #22 with Free Handle ... more info

** Disposable stainless steel surgical blades (sterilization with Gamma Radiation) ** 100 blades per box (single blade package) ... more info

Miltex Disposable Scalpels, stainless steel, size no. 15 sterile blade 10/Box ... more info

Scalpel Blade #15 100/box, Carbon steel with free handle (plastic) ... more info

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