Top 20 Best Selling Lab Cages & Restrainers Cages & Aquariums (2022)

Hartz Play City Home for Active Hamsters and Gerbils ... more info

Hoppity Habitat Rabbit Cage This cage is designed with rabbits and owners in mind! The unique design provides versatile top and front door access. Features: Sets up complete in seconds- no tools required Secure slide-latch allows for one-handed door opera ... more info

The accurate, safe and fast way to give injections. The dorsal skin of the mouse is easily accessed through the top circular opening so that you can accurately perform subcutaneous injections without risk of being bitten and less likelihood of sticking yo ... more info

A Compete Kit at a Great Price for Easy Sales -My First Home Complete Kits Feature Kaytee Food Bedding Treats and Super Pet Brand Homes and Accessories -Available in Hamster Rabbit Guinea Pig or Ferret Varieties 30L x 18W x 29H ... more info

Bergen Industries EC-200 Replacement Yellow Plastic Keyless Cage, Adjustable Collar, Fits Most Sockets. ... more info

Petco Pet Keeper for Small AnimalsOur Petco Pet Keeper for Small Animals is a ventilated enclosure constructed of durable, easy to clean plastic that makes a comfortable temporary home for a variety of small animals. Self-locking lid with removable carryi ... more info

Rodent Restrainers, 1 x 3.75, 15 to 30 g Animal, Broome Style - 1 Each ... more info

The carrying handle makes this cage easily portable. Features include front door access, inside ramp, removable exercise wheel, and gravity feed water bottle. Constructed of 22-gauge heavy steel pans and frames, the cage is designed to minimize dirt build ... more info

Allentown Static Rodent Cage Complete WIth Wire Bar Lid and Water Bottle. Plastic laboratory housing system for rodents including mice, hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs. These systems create a biologically isolated micro-environment within the cage. Autocl ... more info

Habitrail Classic is a main habitat unit that serves as a safe and secure central living area for hamsters. Habitrail Classic is completely compatible with all other Habitrail items. The cage is constructed of plastic and wiring for both durability and ex ... more info

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