Top 20 Best Selling Knives & Tools Saws (2021)

With its carbon steel teeth and extreme portability, this survival saw is an essential tool for snowmobilers, campers, hikers, mountain bikers and all other outdoorsmen. U.S.A. Blade Material Carbon steel, Chain Length in. 24. Extensively field-tested car ... more info

No more balancing acts No more expensive tree service bills Just toss this Rope Saw's safety weight over the hard-to-reach branch you want to cut, then pull the 25ft. polypropylene ropes to cut with the two-way action cutting blade. Carbon steel blades ca ... more info

THE POCKETECH HIGH LIMB HAND CHAINSAW This is the best high limb hand chainsaw you'll ever own. Best of all it's also the most compact and light weight. It features a patented 48-inch high carbon steel Bimatic chain blade designed to wrap around tree lim ... more info

Need to cut a Tree or Prune Branches? Do you need Firewood for Camping or a Shelter in a Survival Situation?You will now have the sawdust flying in no time with Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw. This 3 foot saw is a cutting beast as it tears through ... more info

The SaberCut Saw is essentially a chain saw in your pocket. With bi-directional teeth, cutting is made easier and faster. ... more info

The Coghlan's Commando Deluxe Pocket Saw cuts wood, plastic, bone, rubber or soft metal. ... more info

Lets you cut branches up to 10in. in diameter while you stay on the ground. No tree service bills. no wobbly ladders Just toss the safety weight over the limb you want to cut, then pull alternately on the two 25-ft. polypropylene ropes. Carbon steel blade ... more info

Folding Saw - 21 Blade (wood blade included, can use 21 meat or metal blade as well, meat and metal blade not included) ... more info

THE POCKETECH TRIPLE TOOTH HAND CHAINSAW -Cuts 3X Faster than Chainmate and other Amazon Brands - It has 3X as Many Teeth! This is the best pocket chainsaw you'll ever own. Best of all it's also the most compact and light weight. Cut logs for firewood i ... more info

Ameristep Folding Saw... NEVER needs sharpening! Easily cuts on the pull stroke. This durable, high carbon steel blade locks open for safety and stores in the sure-grip handle when not in use. Order yours now! WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase ... more info

Ultra light weight and compact multi-tool for wilderness and urban survival. 24 teeth per inch blade cuts both wood and most metals on the pull stroke. Will cut through 3/8 rebar in 25 minutes. The 2 inch razor blade cuts rope, netting, webbing and wor ... more info

The Secret of Always Having a Great Campfire The Best Portable Pocket Camping Chain Saw - Have you ever been out camping and didn't have the tool necessary to get your camp fire up and running because you couldn't carry a bulky saw, hatchet, or axe? - ... more info

The BCB Commando Wire Saw is the very same issued to British Special Forces (SAS), and consists of a 28 length of 8 strand braided stainless steel wire with a metal ring attached to each end. Because of the flexibility of the BCB Commando Wire Saw, it can ... more info

The Strongest (over 100 lbs breaking strain) and most effective wire saw available. Cuts through wood plastic bone and even soft metals. Constructed using 8 strands of interwoven stainless steel wire will easily reach inaccessible places. Attach rope to s ... more info

This Pocket Chainsaw is made of high strength, heat-treated steel and is coated for rust resistance. It's so convenient it fits in shirt pocket.聽 Can be used by one or two persons. ... more info

Easily Carry a 24 Long Saw on your belt, in your B.O.B., tackle box, glove compartment or even in your pocket. -Compact & Lightweight-Takes up very little space. -Safe-Cutting tooth arrangement makes it difficult to put flesh in harms way. -Efficient-1 ... more info

Cuts wood, plastic, bone, rubber, or soft metal. Unique 8-strand design. 30-Inch (76 cm) blade is stainless steel. Plated swivel ends prevent twisting. Plated rings, pass one through the other converting saw to a snare. Safe to handle. ... more info

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