Top 20 Best Selling Knee Pads Paintball Footwear (2020)

FEATURES: Made of durable nylon and high impact polymer. Mounted with hard rubber cap for extra impact protection. Soft cushion pad on inner side. Adjustable velcro strap fits for various sizes. Including carrying mesh bag. Perfect for all sports, outdoor ... more info

Alta Tactical AltaFLEX Knee Pads, Universal Camo, AltaLok AT50413-15 ... more info

Alta Tactical AltaLok Contour Knee Pads The Alta Contour Knee Pads offer knee protection that bends like you bend. Backed by 35 years of development, the Countour's biometric design permits a greater range of motion with a comfortable fit. Features: Fi ... more info

Alta Tactical AltaFLEX Knee Pads, Multicam, AltaLok AT50413-16 ... more info

New dual injection-molded flex cap design allows maximum flexibility for ease of movement and comfort. Minimizes gap between the bottom of the cap and nylon carrier when flexed. Padded side extensions for comfort and improved strap positioning. Contoured ... more info

Layered construction with Neoprene outer shell keeps noise levels down and comfort up with the BLACKHAWK! Neoprene Knee Pad. Closed-cell foam padding provides excellent shock resistance and little or no moisture retention while a textured outer contact ... more info

Alta Tactical AltaLok Flex Knee Pads AltaFlex is knee protection built military tough for any mission. Backed by 35 years of design and development, these pads are ideal for tactical situations. Features: Secured with 6 brass grommets Dual strapping ... more info

Empire Grind THT Knee Pads are the pads of choice for top players on teams like Dynasty and Infamous for one reason: they're the very best. Paintball knee pads should make the game safer and more comfortable, not cause their own brand of discomfort. That' ... more info

Condor Tactical Knee Pads Whether you are kneeling down behind a bunker or sliding into cover, you need to protect your knees. The Condor Knee Pads have 1/2 of density foam padding and dual Velcro straps so you know that when you slam down on your knees ... more info

The lightweight airprene body provides a comfortable fit with ample circulation and ventilation. The back section of the knee pad has also been opened up to allow more venting, flexibility and a more comfortable fit. Micro injection logos complete the de ... more info

Solid and reliable the Eclipse Overload Knee Pads take the stress out of ground impacts. The unique Cellular EVA Form knee design improves flexibility and overall fit, aids balance and reduces damage to the knees when sliding or diving into bunkers. Strap ... more info

We don't know when everyone forgot that knees aren't the only part of the legs a player walks inside the net with, but Empire realizes that shins take damage too! Defend your knees and your shirts with the Empire Grind THT Knee and Shin Pad! Ideal for har ... more info

HK Army Hardline Knee Pads - Blue HK Army Hardline Knee Pads are designed to increase performance, comfort and protection during game play. Soft gel padding lines the interior of the knee pad to ensure superior comfort and maximum protection. Strategica ... more info

Alta Tactical Superflex Knee Pads Woodland Camo AltaLok ... more info

Get the protection you need with both Knee and Elbow pads ... more info

Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts - Grey / Lime The Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts give you the protection for professional level play while being super light and ultra comfortable. Features: ... more info

Alta Tactical AltaSOFT Knee Pads, ABU, AltaLok AT50703-17 ... more info

Condor Tactical Elite Knee Pads Take a hard knee, and keep yourself in the fight with Condor's Tactical Elite knee pads. These pads feature a hard outer shell and dense foam padding inside to make sure that your knees are protected regardless of how you ... more info

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